Spoken word: ‘What is this love you speak of?’

Hi there!
Locally there is a spoken word series on some of our radio stations right now. Ever since Jefferson Bethke’s ‘Why I Hate religion but love Jesus’ spoken word, I along with many others have been drawn into this art form. Initially as a spectator but now I’ve come to the conclusion that I can participate in this thing. Why? Well I love writing to express my point of view and I’ve been looking for a way to spread the Good News, plus practicing some public speaking couldn’t hurt.
Here goes!

What is this love you speak of?

Babe what?
Breaking up?
I thought you said you loved me?
We were sitting by the river, the waterfall behind us and you said you’ll love me forever.
Isn’t that what love is?
You didn’t love me like that.
Sorry nah!
What is this other type of love that you speak of?

I didn’t want to do things with you yet.
You didn’t want to wait until I was no longer ticking the single box on my VISA application form.
But babe, love is patient, love is kind.

What fella?
The one who calls likes everything I post on Facebook and calls every night?
That’s my cousin my number one supporter,
Been there since hashtag day one,
Grew up together since his mother left his father.
Babe are you jealous?
Love is never jealous, love is not boastful or conceited.

It’s never rude, like what you told my mother or catcalling those girls in the road, all the boys laughing with one another.
Love never seeks it’s own advantage,
Like trying to force me to do things pre-marriage.
What is this love that you speak of?

It does not take offence.
Honey I’m sorry I spilled red paint on your brand-new Billabong board-shorts, but must you remind me every time we walk into Beachbreak?
Love doesn’t store up grievances.

Love does not rejoice in wrong doing but finds its joy in the truth.
It’s always ready to make allowances, like going down the islands with your friends or staying back an extra year to wait for you to go to college.

Love is always ready to trust,
Even when it’s hard, even when I see that your latest dive trainee is a beauty,
with the body of a Victoria’s Secret angel,
And a voice that sings ‘Let it go so sweetly you just might consider letting go of me,
of us and our relationship that was apparently just filled with lust!

I was overcoming my insecurities  and hoping that one day we will be joined in Holy matrimony.
I wasn’t in this for a status.
I was in this to share love; the greatest gift we’ve ever gotten
Love is for better, love is for worse
Love endures whatever comes CXC, CAPE or UWI’s final exams.

That’s why I’m so surprised babe, because, love never ends.
But, apparently to you, love should just be another Facebook button for when you’re done tagging you’re friends.
Hastag OnaRealzDoh, what is this love you speak of?

That’s it! My first attempt at writing spoken word poetry. Hopefully it would be on national airways very soon and I’d be shooting a video for it in June so remember to Subscribe to my blog and you would receive my updates as I post them!
Also that was 1 Corinthians 13 in case you did not recognize it.
Have a great night!
God’s blessings upon you


One thought on “Spoken word: ‘What is this love you speak of?’

  1. This post makes me very happy. If you can find what you love, do what you love for a living, you’ll never work another day in your life. And by work I mean the typical meaning, which is that you spend most of your waking hours labouring at something you hate so you can have a few hours on weekends, hopefully, to do the things you love.

    Go brave, chica. You’re on the path now.

    Oh, and you look tired but very happy. 🙂


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