Do You Love It Though?

Do what you love doing.
That’s all.

Wait, you’re still here? You’re looking for more? 
There isn’t anymore to it.

Do what excites you the most, do what leaves you wanting more, do what challenges you in the best way. Do what makes you stay up late at night looking for a means to achieve or improve it. Do what can get you out of your bed before the sun rises and can keep you going without keeping track of time. If it makes your heart race with passion and excitement, if it can summon emotions rarely felt otherwise, do it.

If showing people how to do it makes you become overwhelmed with joy; do it. If giving it your 100% doesn’t brake you; do it. If it is what you say that you would do if you had more time; do it. If it is the first thing that anyone in your social circle can describe you by because you talk about it incessantly, do it!

I’m into the sixth month of twenty months where I’m supposed to be finding a programme that I think is suitable for the following three/four years of university. I’ve spoken to numerous people, people from all extremes of careers, I’ve spoken to people who’ve controlled the circumstances, others who’ve overcome their circumstances and yet still others who’ve been controlled by their circumstances. The diagnosis is as such: “If you’re in it for the money in ten years time you won’t be very happy, you’ll look at other’s who have smaller salaries and wonder why they seem so content, you’ll look at some others with larger salaries and wish that you could earn that extra 25% so that you’d have enough to be as happy as them. What you don’t know is that neither of those two made a decision, like you did, based upon their cheque at the end of the month, they did instead what they were passionate about, they did what made their hearts race while a grin was plastered across their faces and an aura of satisfaction filled their being. That’s what they did. The truth is that numbers have no end, likewise your chase for satisfaction via monetary means will have no end. Surely, while doing the things that you love at different intervals it might be more challenging than you would like it to be or it may require a lot more of your time than an 8-4 job but it will be worth it.”

So that’s what I’m doing and that’s what I’m passing onto you. Life is what you make of it.

Normally I don’t work on Sundays, this past Sunday I did though so I didn’t work on Monday. What a hard day Monday was! Photos danced on my USB waiting to be printed, frames ran across my walls waiting to complete a piece of art and orders climbed up and down the lines of my notebook waiting to be delivered and signed off. Instead, I tried my very best to ignore them and spent time with my parents, read, took time for myself and exercised. It was hard, torture actually, I eventually gave in and collected and order I had made at Fine Arts but that was partially out of convenience as well. Why was it so hard? It’s because I love what I do, matting a picture perfectly knowing that it will soon hang on someone’s wall at their home or office gets me excited.

At the fair on Sunday where I displayed my work everyone who stopped commented on the quality of the work. It’s funny, if only they knew. I decided to attend the fair two days before, one of which was a public holiday and none of the stores with supplies that I needed were open. As life would have it the holiday was the first of the two days, so rather than having one day to get supplies then spend the following day, the holiday, printing, framing, pricing, making orders sheets, contact cards, identification cards, finding a suitable table cloth and what seemed like fifty other things the holiday was first, then the normal business day. I set up, displayed, took orders and interacted with numerous people with the best attitude for six and a half hours straight and for the most part alone, on two hours sleep. Was I completely exhausted at the end of the day? Yes, I was. Was I happy at the end of the day? Yes, I was. It was amazing getting so much feedback and advice concerning my photography by other artists. Do I love what I do? Yes! Why did I work through the night with a smile in my heart? -Because I love what I do.
Do I know what I’m going to do next September when I have to go back to university? No, but it would most definitely be something that I love. Will it makes me tonnes of money so that I can buy any sailboat that I wish? Possibly not.

I also love writing when I feel like I can give unambiguous advice, hence I wrote tonight.

Thanks for reading. Here’s a shot of me and one of my pieces (apparently a favourite of many) at the end of a long day at Upmarket. Yea, I know, you just felt the sleepiness by just watching my face but hey all’s good.


I will admit though, sometimes you have to do something that you would rather not, however it is usually out of self sacrificial love, to serve another. I’ve found that through Him I actually can do all things, so I’ve been ‘doing’.

Until next time,


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