The Problem With Planning

Erin Condren life planner in hand, seven different colored pens, three highlighters, additional sticky notes- in two sizes of course! Extra journal where plans and arrangements can be elaborated upon, stickers to remind me of important things such as Birthdays and doctors appointments and such. A built in ruler that I move forward every week without fault. A sleeve to put important things into and numerous alarms set to remind me of various obviously high profile engagements that must be remembered  (Sunday laundry day and swimming Monday, Wednesday and Friday). On another page the countless business ideas all completely thought through and effective on paper so far. Yet another journal dedicated to current business goals and another specifically for my sale of photography prints, filled with neat rows and columns. A 36×42 Bristol board on my plans for school come September 2015. That’s HUGE by the way. Next, about half a notebook dedicated to plans to make enough money so that I can finish my degree at Cal Poly Slo. 

Depending on how well you know me, you know my mantra: “If I don’t write it down, it won’t get done.” Hence the pen ink that’s always on my arms or legs, wherever is more convenient at the time. Clearly you were all mislead! It’s not “I think therefore I am.” Foolishness! It’s “I write, therefore I can!” 

Everything is planned.
Every last detail.

Want to know the best little bit?
NOTHING has gone to plan. Not one day! Check Erin if you want. She has everything recorded in there.
This is not to say that I don’t get things done, no, I do it is just that none of it is completed in the manner in which I planned.
It’s frustrating. Unfortunately, highlighting in more colors and using a smaller variety of pens does not equate a day that can go according to plan. This would be heartbreaking but as it is I’d probably find half of a way to solve the problem then get the heartbreak because NOTHING goes according to plan. 

As much as I love planning and covering every square inch of my desk in reminders I’m about a week away from calling it quits. Why do it if I never get the results that I set out to achieve. Something else always comes up, not necessarily negative but it still comes up preventing me from carrying out my plan. 

So maybe next week, $100 ($50-planner,$50- shipping) later for my lovely Erin Condren planner (yeah that’s a whole lot of money but when you depend on a worthy planner as much as I do these things happen for quality) and countless other dollars in random cheap stationery, I am just going to give it a rest. If I had to do something for you next week and it doesn’t happen it’s probably because I gave up planning and didn’t remember it. So sorry in advance. 

This blog was not planned. 
Thursday’s was.
If you check you’ll see that it wasn’t published.

Happy NOT planning,

Ps. No pictures this week, go look out of your window. Find the beauty, if not, go stand out there so someone else might see your beauty when they look out of their window. 


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