At some point you decided to follow my blog, only you have now come to realize that I do not post as often as you though I would. For that I want to apologize. I wish that I could post everyday. I wish that I could share inspiration that I sometimes think up, I wish that I could share my struggles with you to get advice. I’m sorry that I have seemingly disregarded you and as a result been disrespectful to you. Find it in your heart to forgive me and to keep reading my blog, please.

There is no lack of creativity or lack of will. My problem is that there are so many pieces that I am constantly thinking about but then not having the time to properly compose and post it. I think up new ideas and topics for the blog everyday and I work on it so much more than I seemingly give it attention. I think a lot, I think excessively, I can think myself sick. I can constantly create adventures, moments, conversations in my head. My creativity thrives on how much I think. So that’s not the problem. I’m trying to deal with this but in the meanwhile here are a few topics and ideas for the blog that I have began writing on in my head.

  • New Life, New Eyes
  • Patience through Activities (Not a particular post but a series)
  • People’s March and Bart’s Bash (Photos from a walk for climate change and a sailing race that was done worldwide in memory and honor of an English America’s Cup sailor and Olympian who died in America’s Cup training.)
  • Photography Throughout Trinidad
  • Piracy and Me (How do you feel and what are your beliefs about free illegal downloads; here are mine)
  • Grandmother’s Club (Fellowship between grandmothers and a group of grand-daughters)
  • Cowes Sailing Week 2015 and my Eurotrip (Planning and fundraising towards a goal and a great adventure!)

There is so much to write about and I will be writing these pieces God spare life, I love you all and I have not deserted you. I think that you should know that.

On the other hand inspiration is always welcomed and comments are loved and replied to.
Tonight is the bloodmoon! Go see it!


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