So you celebrate/recognize Columbus Day? I DON’T!

Columbus Day (Discovery Day in Trinidad), should not be celebrated.

It ought to be a day of mourning. Mourning because of the horrors that came along with the initial presence of those Europeans in the these continents (and their presence for much of the few hundred years to follow), mourning for the cultures that were eroded, mourning for the men of indigenous nations who were emasculated, mourning for the indigenous women who were raped, mourning for the countless orphans left behind to die, mourning for the parents and children who’s relationships and love left infanticide as seemingly the only option of action to show this love.

As a sailor of course, this was an impressive feat, granted that what Columbus found was not what he intended to find but nonetheless he found somewhere that a portion of the world did not know existed. ‘A portion’ because there is significant evidence indicating that members of the rest of the world such as, the Vikings of Scandinavia and the people of modern day Mali, in Africa, had interactions with what is now referred to as the Americas.

As a person with indigenous lineage from both the islands of the Caribbean and from main land South America, I cannot accept that there is a celebration for the beginning of the end for many of my people’s people.

Surely, I know that I would not have existed had this interaction not occurred in the manner that it did. I think it is much like a lady who was raped and had a child, a product of the rape, whom she loved upon the child’s birth. She loves the being but the way by which the being came into being, she hates, despises.

As a descendant of indigenous nations, as a descendant of a French man who came to the Caribbean as a mayor, as a descendant of a West African sold into slavery, as a descendant of a Portuguese family escaping hardships in Merida coming to the Caribbean to work in the land St. Vincent and the Grenadines in hopes of a better life, as a descendant of a Chinese family settling in Venezuela, as a sailor even but most importantly, as a human, I am INSULTED by this holiday and celebration.

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