7304 days? I’M 20 YEARS OLD!

But Peter! I thought you said we were never going to grow up if we didn’t want to? 
Turns out Peter Pan was wrong after all. If you want to come over and mourn that fact over some ice cream later, feel free.

Twenty year old smile. With flowers from my bestie.
Twenty year old smile. With flowers from my bestie.

On October 1st I turned twenty, the fact that I’m no longer a teenager and now a member of the ‘twenties’ club with all of it’s knives hanging from hairs dangling above our heads. Unlike the regular twenty year old I’m not halfway through university or any of those other things. I’m still a dreamer and a creator. I should not have let the shear fear of leaving my teenage years have the effect that it did on me. Night before I finished a painting that I started about a month ago and hopefully this week I will be starting another. The fact is, and has been known by everyone else since the creation of man: ‘Life Goes On’- until of course, it does not.

Turning twenty is exciting!

To younger children whenever I speak now, I have authority- as if I am some old wise soul with a wealth of knowledge. Oh wait! I am! Compared to these kid’s parents, I have more recently gone through the joys and struggles of childhood and teenage years. I remember less romantically the joyful moments and the embarrassing moments, I remember clearly when I was more drawn to watching a Youtube channel of two guys driving motorcycles through Mexico than to studying my school work. Granted that I spent the majority of my days studying, I felt more and more like life was passing me by so on every Wednesday I looked forward to putting my books aside to watch the latest episode of ‘Chasing Summer’. It was wonderful because I too was chasing summer, I got closer with every historical quote I remembered, environmental law that I memorised and every sociological theory that I learned inside out along with its criticisms. I remember!

In the grand scheme of things no human existence upon the Earth is long but compared to our day to day existence, 7,304 is quite a long time. I’m happy to have those days under my belt, I learned a lot of lessons and I had a lot of fun, I was also given a whole heap of advice during that time; some of which I have applied and others I have not found it necessary to apply it as yet. Thanks for the advice nonetheless.

I wear makeup now!?! Whuttttt! Yeah, for some reason I’ve started experimenting and I love- okay I wouldn’t go as far as to say that I love it but- I enjoy makeup. My inspiration is my best friend, she wears makeup everyday but it is always very natural looking, not intense and it compliments her face. I almost always forget that she has on make up. I really like that look so I’ve started to experiment on my own and what fun it has been! Here’s a shot below.


So, my twenties are not a battlefield and I don’t have to shed the precious blood of others to maintain my child-likeness. I’m still me, one year older and in a different classification. However, I took my birthday as an opportune time to start some minor changes in my life. Drum roll please. They are:

1. Being on time. I’m notorious for being late, it’s the black sheep of my life. I’ve tried before but it has been 22 days and I’m sticking to it. In order to do so though, I had to pick up some nifty new tricks like not saying ‘yes’ to everything, planning routes before hand and constantly watching the clock so the time cannot ‘slip away’.

2. Keep my bedroom tidy. This is a biggie because it is so easy to be following well then after reaching home tired one afternoon and dropping things all over the room and I’m out. I’d admit I’m having some minor problems with this but I’ve also employed (Yes, I’m paying them above minimum wage because I value them.) some very handy tactics. Everything has a place and in its place it shall be replaced. I’m not ‘just’ resting something in the wrong spot saying that I will fix it afterwards, instead I put it in the correct place immediately. This takes a lot of effort but it helps considerably. Secondly, I am going to purchase a bin, like a regular trash bin to put my dirty clothes bag inside of. This way there will always be somewhere to put my dirty clothes besides the chair at my desk or the floor. Currently, I have a dirty clothes bag and when that goes downstairs for me to wash (okay, okay, sometimes my mom still does it for me- THANKS MOM!) I have no where to put the dirty clothes and within no time at all my room begins to look untidy. Thirdly, this one is a rule that I used to break constantly and sometimes still do but less frequently so. I don’t eat or drink in my room because when I have finished completing whatever it was, I usually do not go back downstairs to move the dirty dishes hence causing two problems: ants and well unsightliness.

So that’s life since I’m twenty! Imma keep on praying and looking for inspiration in the world around me. Also, I want to start a Youtube channel on my adventures and life, so that is a glimpse into the future maybe.

Have a great day you guys!
Please read something else on this blog and if you like the pictures or my writing share it with a friend.
You are loved,


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