A Caribbean Sunset

I search for novelty then thrive in in. I’m all about the chase and a lot less about the afterwards. New things while scary are exciting, my blood races through my veins, I absorb knowledge quickly and in the midst of all of these new things around me, I panic because novelty is temporary. New faces become familiar faces, the exciting route to school becomes second nature and we think nothing of these things. In this week ahead of us I challenge you to look out for the once exciting things that have become common place now. Pay a little more attention to the natural world around you, you will be astonished by the beauty which has been become hidden behind the curtain of normalcy. This past weekend I went Down the Islands, we stayed until just around sunset. This weekend I gave some attention to something that wasn’t new. Sunsets have been around all for all of our lives, if you can, make some time to share with them.



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