Break My Heart For What Breaks Yours

“Heal my heart and make it clean, Open up my eyes to the things unseen, Show me how to love like You have loved me, Break my heart for what breaks yours, Everything I am for Your Kingdom’s cause, As I walk from Earth into Eternity.”

If you are a Christian who listens to contemporary worship music you may have heard this song before and maybe you’ve sang along with it as well. If you are not a Christian however, you make take one look at these lyrics and come to the conclusion that who ever can sing such a pathetic song is one very blinded and dependent person. Like really, -“Everything I am for Your Kingdom’s cause!” How absurd! Surely these people must not mean what they say. How could they? Well that’s exactly what this post is about- because we can speak things into the world and into ourselves, we must be so careful what we say.

Flash back to about a year ago now, I’m at a Campus Crusade for Christ bible study at UWI (my old university) in Barbados. We’re sitting on blankets in the grass near to a water feature. Basically exactly where you would expect to find the group of Christian kids/teens/young adults/adults ‘fellow-shipping’ together. The discussion was good and for the most part I felt like we were all learning, I most definitely was. Somehow the conversation strayed and we began talking about how sometimes the things that we say as Christians scare off other potential believers, such as “As a Christian I’ll lay down my life for God,” that was the example used and it is true, to an extent it is really strange to hear things like this when you don’t understand the concept and the motivation for such feelings. On the other hand, it is scary because sometimes we say that we will do these things when in reality if the situation arises that we must lay down our life for a brother we may hesitate and then decide not to do it at all, and then in other cases, we say such words but we don’t even consider that it may one day become a possibility.

So, a few weeks ago I started to sing these few lines of this song, which is Hosanna by Hillsong, and I was not really thinking about what I was saying/singing it was simply a song I thought. Well I was wrong because we get what we ask for sometimes, so be careful what you ask for.

The song seems fine for the first two lines, like yeah this is cool, God is cleaning up the mess that I’ve become through living in sin, and that’s all well and good because although it may hurt to break away from some of our sins and passions and idols, in the end we are left as better people so we’re just there singing along in the car like, ‘this is some good stuff!’ Then we get to the third line and things get a little weird, “Show me how to love like You have loved me.” Oh wow! So now we’re asking God to show us how to give the things that we love the dearest to others, be it our time, our belongings, our compassions, our money and all sorts of other things. Now this seems hard enough but remember we didn’t only ask for God to show us how to love, we asked Him to show us how to love like He loved us. This is absurd!! Now we’re noticing that drug addict at the side of the road who has no protection from the rain. You’re thinking about your umbrella in the truck of your car and how much it can benefit him. But then you think about how you’d need the umbrella to get from the car to the office in this downpour- ‘ I can buy another’ crosses your mind but you let it slip away. Then you think, what a shame this would be if I were to give him my umbrella and then he went and sold it to get some drug or the other. And then maybe you won’t think this piece, but this is what ought to come next- “Am I not like that with God’s love? Do I not often act undeserving of love like that? Don’t I often squander the fact that God sent his only Son pure and without sin, into the world, to die for my sake and yet still I refuse to take Him seriously?” That’s the thing about loving as God loved- we are called to love seemingly undeserving and unappreciative people.

Then comes the line that has manifested itself in my life though my own thoughtless desire. -“Break my heart for what breaks Yours.” Now, I have never been in any romantic relationship worth considering, far less one that resulted in ‘heartbreak’. As a result I’ve always thought the term to be rather foolish and immature- let us be real here, your heart is NOT breaking! You see that is how I felt until I started to realise that exactly what I sang and prayed mindlessly for was happening. I read a blog comment that a lady wrote about her relationship history and her ideas moving forward and they seem so far away from what God told us is right and true, she was compromising and in that moment right as I read that comment, I felt it. My heart shattered as it hit the floor, moved to tears and not even able to put to words what I wanted to pray for this woman I called on the Holy Spirit (Romans 8:26-27) and somewhere in one of those moments I realised that what I was praying for all along finally happened- my heart broke for what ‘breaks’ His. Since that, it has continued happening and through it all my eyes have been opening and my heart hurts for these people in these situations.

All in all, I got what I asked for- my heart ‘breaks’ for what ‘breaks’ His. The lesson to be learnt from all of this though is that we must be well aware of what we are saying, our thoughts and our tongues are very powerful tools and we must keep tight reigns on them in all aspects of our lives. Simply because the song is has a catchy tune and lyrics that are easy to remember is not enough reason to mindlessly talk these words into existence.

Ps. I can help so many more people and pray for so many more now that I can see the plight of these people and feel my heart breaking for them.

Watch your words,
You are LOVED,

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