What I Actually Want For Christmas- Let’s See How Well You’ve Been Listening

Depending on how well you’ve been listening to me for the past year since the last Christmas there are a few things that would stand out as ‘Things That Rushell Actually Wants’. If you haven’t been listening quite well you may come up with some very strange, dismal lists. From my life experiences however I know that most people stop the communication process at listening, and that’s for those that make if so far. Very few actually go on to internalize what the other person is saying and to make sense of it. If you are one of these persons, then this post won’t make much of adjustment to your already acquired knowledge, so for you I’ll leave my little 9 year old cousin’s Christmas List that is posted right at the entrance of their front door.

Nikoli’s Christmas List:
1. iPad Air2
2. LEGO Star Wars
3. LEGO City
4.-10. Various other LEGO products

(None of these things are cheap so I’m carrying him Ziplining instead. He’ll remember it and he won’t be able to lose it like all of his other gifts. So hats off to me- I think…)

How ridiculous and assuming of me to think that I should have a Christmas list for others to use for the day that we, or at least I, remember Jesus’ birthday. I’m sorry but I do. If it helps though not all of them need to be bought you can just answer a few questions. So here goes in case you did not know. Also, I do not expect to get any of these gifts. The ones that need to be bought I’m just going to buy them for myself eventually while the others I guess I’ll stumble upon them some point later in my life, which would be unfortunate because they would be really useful to have from around now.


An analog watch. A simple analog watch. An analog watch that clearly states the twelve numbers and the three hands are long enough that I don’t have to guess where they are and which one is which. Also, it would need to be able to light up in the dark. Why? Well firstly, I have terrible time management and I’ve found that having a watch that shows me where in hour I’m at is actually very useful and helps me to manage my time better. I had an analog watch up until recently and it was very useful and slightly costly- for me anyway. Unfortunately though,  it was plastic and bent then broke. If you guessed that the manufacturer was Swatch then, “Cheers!” you were correct. Nonetheless I still really like how simple their watches are.


Editing Software. This one is expensive and I don’t expect to receive this from anyone. Literally anything that would help me be able to go all out with my photography I jump at but the only thing is that I don’t have any reasonably decent editing software. So as a result I would like some editing software. The Catch: I do not support ‘taking down’ such programs from online without paying for them because as far as I’m concerned it is stealing and the same way I do not want anyone to take my pictures without my permission is the same way I won’t take their products without purchasing them.


An answer. So I’ll give you the question. What does love in a marriage during the hard times look like? I know that we are supposed to forgive ceaselessly but at what point or is there even a point where you say no we need to separate because this isn’t healthy or you are mentally abusing me. It’s very confusing and I would like to know because I intend to go down that road one day. I know that this is outlined and we’re given instruction in the bible towards divorce but is separation acceptable and what if you are the only party that is forgiving and apologetic. For me divorce isn’t an option because well it doesn’t make sense and two it isn’t what God wants and He was pretty straight forward in telling us that. I just want to know that when someone promises to love me as long as they live and more so at your worse moments, I just want to know that they’ll mean it and that I’m always ready to forgive.

So there you go, my Christmas list.

Go find some meaningless things in your life,


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