I Quit Planning- Now I’m On A Broken Down Ferry

Ben was supposed to be here for three months.
Actually, let me go back to where this story starts. Ben, like me was at university and after the first year he, like me, left. My parents offered him to come spend some time with us in Trinidad where through being immersed in the 1.3 million English speaking Trinis, he would learn to speak English. Ben is French. This was a great idea because Ben’s English has improved so much it is wonderful and I’ve enjoyed having him around.

Summer turned to November and November turned to December. December to January. On January 2nd he came down to Trinidad and we immediately attempted to localize him by giving him doubles. He hated them.
Of all of the touristy things that one must do when visiting Trinidad is to go to Tobago. (However one must not necessarily visit Trinidad when they go to Tobago.)

So a trip to Tobago was planned- don’t plan. That trip did not happen and neither did the second one that we planned. Once again plans changed Ben is now going back in February -back to being an only child 😦 -so almost all at once a ticket was booked and all of a sudden we would be going to Tobago on the 9th for four delightful days.

The ferry is supposed to take 2 hours and 30 minutes to reach to Tobago. However 2 hours and 30 minutes later we were still along the coast of Trinidad.
We were about ten minutes out from Tobago about twenty minutes ago when I started to feel the vibrations of the vessel decrease. I thought either we’re stopping because there isn’t room on the dock or we just broke down. It was the latter.

Luckily with my recently formed habit of not planning there technically isn’t anything that we are missing, I’m not stressing out and because the boat is basically empty Ben and I are lying down across the seats trying to be comfortable and dosing in and out of sleep.

The good: Since we aren’t moving Ben isn’t seasick.
The bad: We left home at 4:30am without eating breakfast. The food for sale on board looked quite unappetizing so we didn’t buy any. Now we are not any closer to Tobago, hungry and the restaurant is closed just in case we lost our minds and wanted to eat what they had for sale there: SRF. (Something Resembling Food)

It could be worse. A lot worse. I guess we’re just lying in solidarity with all of the other folks without access to a meal this morning.

Also, and on another note my friend at Med School has an exam that seems to be a pretty big deal today, so you can go ahead and pray for calm nerves and a focused mind for her today.

I think I’m going to rest my head and take another cat nap before we reach to Tobago. Cheers to an unplanned Monday morning blog post.

Yesterday I started an Instagram account for my art and photography @greatperhapsArt you can go ahead and follow it.

Keep unorganized, don’t plan.

Ps. Can someone airlift Ben and I some breakfast please?



6 thoughts on “I Quit Planning- Now I’m On A Broken Down Ferry

  1. Oh. My. Word. I don’t know if this beautifully written post was meant to be funny, but I found it hilarious! I bet Ben never forgets his experience of the REAL Trinidad and Tobago. Bwahaha!!! Next time, stash some nibbles in your bags. But that isn’t helping you now is it? So scratch that.


  2. Your aunt is also helping out by posting about how funny your plight (or, perhaps, how funny your account of your plight) is on Facebook.
    Oddly enough a few of my wife’s cousins are also stranded in their travels. Mind you, they’re stranded by snow in New England, so beyond the lack of mobility there are few similarities between the adventures.
    Your aunt has encouraged my wife and I to visit Trinidad. I think we’ll wait until sometime after the great ferry crisis has run its course before making any plans.


    1. Hi Kevin! Thanks for stopping by. Of course aunty would make this into a joke and now that it is all over and I’ve been fed I can see that it’s humorous as well. I hope your wife’s cousins find their way to their destinations soon too- I’d take being stuck in the Caribbean over being stuck in the snow though. Island girl at heart.


      1. Kevin, the Great Ferry Crisis is sure to be followed by the Great Flood of Port of Spain, or the Great Electricity Outage, or the Great Water Shortage or the Great North Coast Landslide something of the sort, so you and Valerie just book that flight and come prepared for adventures. I can guarantee one thing: there will be no snow involved in any of these crises! (Hope the relatives escape soon.)


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