UPDATE with photos: Back In My Blogosphere, Travel, Cowes Week Regatta 2015 and University Acceptance


Tobago. Trinidad. Trinidad Carnival. Grenada. Trinidad. Ben goes back to Paris. Four wild work days. Exams. Grenada. Trinidad.

The past three weeks have been quite the whirlwind but they weren’t unpleasant. Tobago was calm and peaceful and extremely hot while both ferry trips to and from Tobago were terrible- one with me crying in the middle of the boat. You can read about one of the crossings here.

Ben jet skiing
Ben jet skiing
Tobago Sunset at Store Bay
Tobago Sunset at Store Bay

Trinidad Carnival was a wonderful, colourful, enjoyable time with family and friends. I took my camera into the city on Carnival Tuesday and took pictures which were quite appreciated by my friends. I will surely remember it in times to come. If anything it went by a bit to quickly.

'On the road' with my friend and her cousin.
    ‘On the road’ with my friend and her cousin.
My friend is such a natural beauty!
My friend is such a natural beauty!
Part of Carnival is dancing on top of walls.
Part of Carnival is dancing on top of walls.
Ben ('Frenchie') and a masquerader.
Ben (‘Frenchie’) and a masquerader.

I finally sent in all of my required documents and got accepted to the University of the West Indies, St. Augustine to do a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Communications. However I’m weighing the thoughts and feelings that a university is going to get me no closer to where I want to be; instead it is going to push me back three years full time and and additional two years to work in Trinidad or Tobago. One benefit of going to university though will be that with the degree (any university degree) I will fulfill the prerequisite to be able to teach English as a second language in another country. I’m hoping to go to the American TEOSL Institute in Thailand to teach English for a year providing that I complete a university degree. Sans university degree I will work in photography and learning a trade until I can afford my captains license or equivalent. I’d like to crew on a charter boat for a while and understand how they run from the inside out. By that time I would have saved enough money to purchase my yacht and start my charter company.

Then the six months allowed time in Trinidad on our yacht reached so we had to sail out of Trinidad. The water was extremely rough for the days leading up to our intended day of departure so we ended up staying until the last possible day. I was at the helm for almost the entire trip with mom as my relief. Thank God the passage was made without any problems and the waters were manageable with 3-5ft seas and the occasional 6-8ft wave. The wave intervals were pleasant with about a nine second interval between each wave. While in Grenada we got no relief from the weather so I had to fly home to do my two Mandarin exams at the university then fly back to Grenada. Grenada was lovely especially the second part of the vacation where I met many new people as well as had a great time with my old friends. My brother and best friend both go to St. George’s University in Grenada and spending time with them was a wonderful blessing.

A good old sailing friend who's always entertaining.
A good old sailing friend who’s always entertaining.
Grande Anse beach
Grande Anse beach
From the Grenada Yacht Club where we went for lunch one day.
From the Grenada Yacht Club where we went for lunch one day.
My med school best friend and I.
My med school best friend and I.
Good times with good people on Grande Anse Beach. (Grenada's most loved beach)
Good times with good people on Grande Anse Beach. (Grenada’s most loved beach)
Sporting my new tattoo :)
Sporting my new tattoo 🙂 – It’s a whale and I got it with a friend.

I’m back on track for participating in the Aberdeen Assets Management Cowes Week Regatta 2015 with my sailing team ‘Legacy’. Cowes Week Regatta has been run since 1826. It is the largest sailing event in the UK and takes place in the first weeks of August. More than 8000 professional, Olympian and amateur sailors meet on the water to do battle in 40 classes over a grueling 8 days. Many foreign racing yachts return from the Caribbean ‘winter’ racing season to participate. Cowes is the longest running, as well as the largest regatta of its kind. 2015 will be the first time a Trinidad and Tobago yacht will compete in Cowes. I’m having my first fundraiser on Saturday please God and I am going to sell 100 tickets over the next two days for my ‘Dogs for Cowes’ fundraiser. The boat is looking wonderful and has become quite a spectacle at the ship yard alongside it’s container. Our team website which is being updated by a crew member is www.operationsouthman.com.

On my not so healthy terms and one Grenada trip in (beers on top of beers) I’m slightly sluggish but determined. After two blood tests- each with slightly conflicting results- I can safely assume that I don’t have a hormone imbalance large enough for what my body and mind is going through. Also with an ultrasound showing that I do not suffer from PCOS, the only other thing that I can think of is that I have to lose weight. I’ve decided that the Kayla Itsines programme is what I’ll be using. It seems somewhat vigorous though so I’m exercising in other ways everyday as well as controlling my impromptu eating habits in an attempt to get me ready for this commitment. I’ll be starting soon but not immediately because 1. the program costs a pretty penny so i’m saving towards it and 2. I’m getting a new laptop soon and I would rather download it on that instead of my current one who resides on the doorsteps of laptop heaven. I’ll most likely do a lot of Instagram blogging about the food and exercise of that experience while keeping the mile-marker posts for here. In addition to the Kayla Itsines eating and exercise programme I’ll be swimming again which is simply delightful because I love swimming and it is so good for my conditioning my mind. If I have enough time and spare funds before Cowes Race Week 2015, I’ll head back across to Tobago and compete (have fun swimming and attaining my own goal) in the Massy Open Water Swim. I did the 3000m swim last year in a time of 1 hour, 26 minutes and 11 seconds, for this year my aim is to drop that time even if only by a second and to still have fun.

So that was an update on my life and happenings, I hope you enjoyed catching up. As usual I have a lot running though my head but I’m not impressed by the number of projects that I complete. Thanks to everyone who read my last post about being stuck on the ferry, it was so well received -my most views and comments and likes yet- and I was overjoyed having so many visitors to my blog. Afterwards I didn’t know how to write a post of equal wit and frustration so I didn’t write for a little while but I’ve decided tot just write an update because I really enjoy having this platform. #mylittlesoapbox

If you’re travelling to the Caribbean soon you should make sure to look out for my next post.

Love you and God bless you lot!


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