Job Description: Lots Of Hugs And Telling The Truth (Psychology Or Some Bathroom Attendant At A Nightclub)

This is the second time for the week, well last week because I guess it’s technically a new week now, that I’ve been up at 3:45 am.

imageThis time though I’m completely rested because all I did yesterday was lie down on my bunk and read a book- ‘Marley and Me’, I watched ‘after sunset sky’ from on the bow then returned to my cabin and put on movie which played in the background as I amused myself with the wonderful piece of technology called an ‘iPhone’.  Yes I sound incredibly lazy but that’s only because you have no clue how hard I’ve been working since before we went to Grenada. This was also the first time in a very, very long time that I’ve had an all day break. It feels great and if you’re overworked I suggest one. Besides feeling lovely and rested and peaceful, dad also commented that I looked happy and younger like sixteen year old me.  One day of a stress free life and I looked sixteen again was sweeeett. Also at sixteen I wasn’t the awkward teenager, I had settled in well to my skin, I spoke to just about everyone in my year group and I was pretty well spirited. I had a good body and the diet of someone who didn’t think much of anything as in I was the only person in my school of 700+ girls who would eat the brownies that my school cafeteria made. Everyone else avoided them and possibly rightfully so; sometimes they were okay and others they were horrid. I still bought them everyday as they got more and more stale. (They wouldn’t just bake one a day for me seeing that I was the only person who ever bought-they would cook like eight and then put them half price the last hour days- I still bought them regardless.)

The break also cleared my mind significantly and outside of three slightly upsetting things I was pretty content. So, my 3:55am breakthrough life advice concerning my career choice was a result of my brain being able to actually have time to process beyond the next minute or hour for the first time in a while. Here it is, the ideal job for me I realised should be one where I got to hug people and tell the truth.  That’s it. I racked my brain for a milli second realizing that I should possibly apply to SGU for the Bsc in Psychology. Mom really wants me to apply there but I’ve been ducking it and constantly postponing it. It would be ideal and it fits perfectly with what my mind has settled upon as components of my ‘ideal’ job. Also, I think working as a bathroom attendant in a night club or bar would require those same two components. Just in case I can’t finish university or something so…

You were the first to know. Congrats.

Much love, I’m heading back to sleep on the most comfy bed known to mankind- my bunk.

Rushell *well rested stress relieved, career guided, sixteen year old smiling Rushell*


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