“Out of The Woodwork” -A Book Written by me for Great Perhaps (this blog)

Most of my best ideas come out of no where so it is with no surprise that today I decided that I would start to write a book, chapter by chapter on my blog. Each new chapter will by posted on a Monday until the book is finally finished. The name of this book is “Out of The Woodwork” and it is a story that I am delighted to tell. It is my story and I am not giving anyone the rights to reproduce any of this work- ‘Out of The Woodwork’, however you can subscribe to this blog and follow along as it goes. It’s about youth, adventure, love, pain and growth; in essence it is about life. It’s an opportunity for me as well as hopefully something to look forward to on Mondays.

Chapter One

“Surprisingly the Poui had flowered again, twice in one year! It made her smile and a she felt a shimmer of all natural happiness from within; nothing life changing or hope giving but a feeling of content. The tablets were working and although they made her seemingly, eternally nauseous, it seemed that her life’s purpose was to have children. Others wanted speed boats, majestic houses, rustic houses and Tiffany houses, she wanted children of her own. She wanted to be woken up several times a night and throughout the most ridiculous times of the morning by a baby in need of nursing or cuddling. So she took the tablets with a long list of side effects and potential side effect. Things worth having were always worth working hard for, they always deserved dedication so she soldiered on through cramps and nausea and vomiting, she almost didn’t notice for she was that committed; the way people usually are when they are in pain because of a path that they are on because there lies something that they desire.

She could never decide which trees were her favorite: the Samaan or the Poui. One day it dawned on her that she need not have a favorite, just like she didn’t need to make a final decision about everything. There were way too many questions being asked and the answers, the right answers, evaded her but at the same time why must one be constantly making decisions about matters that are not at hand- or at foot either for the fact of the matter. They were distant. At twenty, she had been growing and being nurtured for so long and she was now well aware of the strength of her wings- so now, she flew. She flew knowing that she would not be held back, she had not subscribed to anything that would keep her buoyed down in one position, she was free to soar. She flew with the knowledge that she could not be suppressed by anything, for to be suppressed would mean that there was someone or others existing on a level held in higher esteem to her. Her mind was free, she believed in justice and equality, she could soar as she wished.”

There you go: Chapter One! If you like what you’ve read be sure to check back in next week please God to read Chapter Two. Seek truth, Rushell


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