‘Out Of The Woodwork’- Chapter Two

Here is Chapter Two of ‘Out Of The Woodwork‘, if you haven’t yet read Chapter One you can go read it here then come back. If not you can read this chapter alone. I am hoping to write this book in a manner that any chapter read may bring some sort of fulfillment or lesson to your day, that it may be enjoyed chapter by chapter.
If you like what you read let me know in the comments below. Enjoy!
Much Love!


What could you expect of her though? A descendant of a long linage of nomads until her father, who was the first in hundreds of years to remain in one place for his entire life. The desire to be free and to move ran deep through her veins, a tie to her ancestry. Her father was born without that bone, instead he was an entertainer and had perfected the hobby of his father. He was tied to his trees, tied to his land and tied to his customers who had become an extension of his own family. For him home would always be the wooden cabin at the end of the haphazardly planted line of cedar trees.

He knew as much as she did that at twenty years old, finished with their homeschooling process and efficient at most of the tasks on the farm, excelling at some, it was approaching that time for her to teach herself a bit now through her own experiences. Parents are great teachers but there are some lessons that one must learn on their own. Life is different for each one of us and unlike a road that no matter how it was travelled it would lead you to the same destination, twenty people may live through the same experience and at the end there are twenty different destinations, unlike that road.

It hurts a father for his daughter to leave his side but the pain is greater if she stays and does not grow. If she continues to depend entirely on him and never questioning his word. It is painful then because he knows that his time here is limited and through the natural process of life, he would one day leave and her rock would be gone. She’d flail around in the tumbling waters of the world grasping at any reed that passed her by as she struggled to stay above.

So he knew that it would not be long again and he knew not for how long but one thing was certain and that was that she would be leaving. Her younger sisters would have their chances at filling her shoes, a job they would thoroughly enjoy. His family was a blessing to him; his wife ceaselessly loving, caring, always leading by example, his daughters proved that he lacked no sons for they filled every position that his heart and farm opened.

His daughters were wonders, the way they interacted, the way they forgave, the way they worked together and grew together. They were examples of love with anger never lasting. They were mostly obedient and rarely rude but they were all strong willed and ‘hard headed’. Each held her own in an argument, even the smallest who was always refusing to stop eating the chicken’s grain. They would all be leaving one day but he was sure that the majority would return.

When in his life the time had come for him to leave, it was very different. For a few months he went into the wilderness with his cutlass and tent and boots and tape and tins and knives. He went out amongst the trees on the far end of the estate and lived there. There was never a more pleasant time in his life and he grew to understood the love that the generations for hundreds of years before him had for travel by foot across these lands, always moving never staying. Simultaneously he knew very early on in those months that he would be different, his life would be lived in one place. He loved the trees here and the woodwork that his father had loved as a hobby, he knew would become his life.

It was very strange, for no one usually gets clarity about their life like that. Trips alone into the forest usually come down to constant thoughts about food, mosquitos or family at home but for some reason none of these occurred and he return to his father’s farm with intention to stay, intention to not move away. This was his twenty year old experience, learning every possible thing about the trees that surrounded them, about the way they grew, about how to harvest them and about how they can be sustainably used to enhance life. There were stumbling stubs along the way but there was exponential growth.

This daughter of his though, her twenty year old experience would be far, far away and quite unlike his.


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