Pixels: Legacy Leaves to Cross the Atlantic, a Handful of Yoga and Memories

Version 4 “Take time to realize,” yeah it’s cheesy lyrics but it is accurate. I only just realized how wonderful sunset is looking out of my window where the clouds are illuminated by the setting sun behind the mountains. This is a shot of one of three Poui trees in the churchyard behind my house. I wasn’t going to take this picture because I had to change from my 18-55mm lens to my 55-300mm lens. I decided that it was worth shooting so I switched lens and shot it reluctantly, only when I uploaded these shots I was once again bowled over by the beauty of the moment that I would have otherwise missed.

DSC_6728 copy

This edit of the lane of trees gives it a very antique look. Hard to believe that these trees are in the middle of a residential neighborhood. The surroundings just look so clear. I like looking at these trees, just not at night because they freak me out.


SY Legacy, which is the boat that I sail on. This shot was taken as SY Legacy was leaving the marina to set out on a sail across the Atlantic via Antigua. They are currently 684 miles away from the Azores- more than halfway there safely! Thank God for that. You can follow the team here at operationsouthman.com. Our Instagram page is @operation_southman Go check us out!!! We will be competing at the Cowes Week Regatta 2015 which is a huge deal as we will be the first Trinidadian/Tobagonian boat to sail in the competition in 160 years.


Here is Reginald Williams, the owner and captain of SY Legacy. He grew up sailing and in the coast guard. He is typically serious when sailing but likes making jokes and eating food sans anything green.


Right before the boat left the marina, the logistics team, which I am a art of, decided to have a last minute meeting to be certain that there was enough to eat on board for our crew. Directly behind me is Marcie and to my left is Sharon Chan Chow, the mother of one of my best friends also the mother of my old 420 sailing crew, she’s also the mother of the yogi shown in some of the pictures below.


One of my friends’ families recently acquired a new vessel which is a lovely racing boat. They got right to cleaning it. Sailing is a wonderful sport for learning to handle responsibilities and to build confidence.

DSC_7481 copyThank you God for presenting us with a truly beautiful world to call our home. When I say that it is the little things that make me smile, it is things like this little flower. I’m so thankful for my life and for my family and all that He has surrounded me with. I’m thankful that for him I am worthy. That makes my life doable sometimes when I can’t find hope.


Playing with focus, color settings and angles. This shot is intriguing for me. It was a creative escape and I hope that I am able to explore that portion of photography with confidence some more. The dock is floating concrete and that’s pretty awesome.


Meiling likes yoga, she is the daughter of Sharon Chan Chow who was pictured above. She quite enjoys stretching. A former gymnast who has been banned from the sport because of knee injuries however being the rebel that she is, Meiling occasionally, or more occasionally than not,practises some of her old moves.


These are pretty awesome photos and they’ve been a favorite over at my page on the Instagram community @rusharella and it is clear why. They encapsulate that free spirited island yoga girl vibe that is so coveted. This was completely random as were began taking pictures of the SY Legacy leaving the dock then ended up taking pictures of each other.

Version 2

Exhibit A: Meiling got this one of me while I simultaneously got a shot of her. How awesome right!


Exhibit B: I shot Meiling. Side note: We both have carrot tops- sun bleached hair that makes our buns differently coloured from the rest of our hair on our heads. Lovely!


Last one which I randomly edited in black and white while playing with the controls but it turns out that I really like it. As I hope you enjoyed this post.
I’m trying to improve my writing and speech by removing a few words that I unnecessarily add into many of my sentences, here they are:

  1. ‘Just’ -eg. I just really want to think more positively. I just don’t think it is a good idea.
  2. ‘Honestly’- eg. Honestly, I don’t know what’s up with him these days.
  3. ‘No way!’- This one is a little different. I realized that I use it as an expression of excitement after someone tells me exciting news. Which is all good and fine but it is a negative statement and I was shocked to realize that when one of my married friends told me that she was pregnant I went, “No Way!!”, only I meant it in a really good way and she took it in a really good way but in itself it is a negative statement so I’m kicking it out of my vocabulary. *attempting

So are there any words that you say then cringe overtime you do? Do you know the names of the yoga poses above? Let me know in the comments below! If you like what you see here, follow me, if you think my work is worthwhile- share it with a friend, if you hate it- don’t ever come back. If you would like to hire me (Trinidad,Caribbean) to shoot for you then send me an email at rush_tri0055@hotmail.com

Hope you’re having a decent week! Stay beachy! Stay inspired! Stay on the road!
Rushell Rousseau

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