Doing Good For All The Wrong Reasons

Are you a good person?

What makes you think that way? Do you think you are good for all that the good that you do? Do you think that you are bad because you don’t do good things for other people? Are you bad because you do bad things and only do good things when you don’t have a choice to?

How often do you do good things? How good are the things that you do? Do you do good as long as it costs you no money, as long as it does not put you off of your intended course, as long as you don’t have to give up something that you intended to do?

I’m asking these questions because it came upon me that I was doing good for all of the wrong reasons, not all of the time, but definitely often enough. I was doing good; I was giving out money that I worked hard for, I was giving of my time that was precious to me, I would go out of my way for others, I would pass up things that I was looking forward to, I would often be patient, I would be caring, I would love others, I was forgiving and compassionate. Yet at the end of the day, all of my goodness was equated to nothing.

I was doing good for all of the wrong reasons. I was doing good towards other people for my own betterment. I wanted to be as close to being a good person as possible so I did good. I even tried really hard at it. I was getting good at being a ‘good person’ when I realized how I’d missed the whole point.

Instead of all of this good that I was doing bringing me joy and awe that God would use me as a vessel to be there for His people, instead it was pride and judgement of others that grew within me. I had done so much good, I was so proud of myself when in reality, the only one to feel like that should have been God. I was serving myself and my pride with my actions, not serving Him. The only one who deserves all of this self praise is God, the Creator, our Father, yet I was going good for my ego.

We are called to love each other, to be kind to each other, to serve each other not so that we may become ‘good people‘ by doing so but because we are all children of God. The Father who created us, He loves us each, He desires his children to show each other a mirror of His love. He asks us to ‘love each other as I have loved you’ -John 15:12. He wants us all to experience His love for us, not only the GREAT LOVE that was shown at the cross and resurrection but amongst ourselves, amongst each other here today. Between races, cultures, socioeconomic groups, nations, families, children, partners, friends, He wants love to be shown.

We are to love each other not for our own gain but because that person is deserving of love. That person is deserving of a meal, they are deserving of getting a drop, they are deserving of having someone to talk to late at night, they deserve to hear the Good News of the Lord and Savior Jesus Christ that their sins are forgiven, their place in heaven awaits them, that God knows every single thing, every bad thought, every bad decision, God knows and He loves them still. The punishment that they were to receive, He sent His SON to receive. Their freedom has been bought. They need to know that Jesus rose from the dead, that His kingdom reigns; not so that you can talk about how many people you brought to know Christ, no, they deserve to know because they are His. He wants them to know. Focus less on self and more on Him.

Going into the weekend I ask you to look at your motives, see why you have been doing good. Have you been doing good for all the wrong reasons? Where is your heart? Spend time with Him and ask Him to reveal to you the things that you need to work on, on yourself.Spend some time with God. He loves you.

Do good for good, not for you,


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