A PCOS diagnosis: An Answer to a Life of Questions

Every so often I work up the nerve to think that I’ve cried my heart out already and that there are no longer any tears left for the eight children that I’ve longed for to be part of my future but possibly won’t see. As one can guess, I’m always wrong and there are certainly enough tears to go around.

While It was suspected that I have PCOS for about a year now it was never brought forward on the burner because it isn’t a diagnosis that you want to be handing out left right and center like the common cold or so. It took a year but unlike my faulty knees and back(still don’t know whats wrong), all of the three doctors and one technician that I’ve delt with were quite thorough, so I had quite the run around with potential disorders, always suspecting PCOS but having to rule out every other potential disorder first, then look to prove that it was PCOS which had decided to spend some time on my block.  So I got to take some of my favorite tests; blood tests.   :l

This isn’t a long post and in the future I promise to write more PCOS related posts on here. For now it’s just the sigh of relief that I can breathe with a diagnosis finally. PCOS is frustrating and draining physically and mentally but it is a part of who I am for now and I’ve got to learn to live around it. I’ve changed my diet so that my insulin level is never too high (hopefully) and I’ve began to exercise even more. Between GERD and PCOS my meals are extremely creative as there are lists upon lists of foods that I should avoid. Hopefully I’d post pics of some of these on my Instagram page (@rusharella) sometime. Also, I was absolutely thrilled in the best way possible when a simple Instagram search lead me to a community of ‘cysters’ who are so loving and kind and encouraging!

I’m living with a piece of mind in someways as a lot of the ‘pains’ that I experience have now been correctly aligned. It is AMAZING how many things are affected. For my mom who also has/had PCOS (took six years of trying to have me) the reason why her twenty year old daughter must have a nap every afternoon, an area of major concern, has also been brought to light.

So that’s life for now. Thankfully I don’t have an addictive personality so cutting out added sugar, simple carbs and dairy has not been very hard for me. Once I think about what is at stake I’m going to run the straight line.

My breakfast is usually an omelette of two eggs, chive, onions and garlic. I snack on nuts typically. Lunch is some sort of meat/freshly caught fish courtesy dad or my brother alongside a complex carb, such as sweet potato or yam (ground provision) and a green leafy vegetable. I have noticed that I have less energy, which I something that I knew to expect as I am eating less carbs overall compared to before, although what little I do eat are complex versus the simple, more quickly broken down carbs of my prior eating habit. To battle this, and to give me energy for when I need it most -swimming practice-I eat a complex carb about an hour before heading across to the pool.

I’m looking forward to where this journey will take me. I want to see results yet I am patient and know that things take time. By eating no added sugar, no simple carbs and fewer complex carbs, I am hoping that my body will begin to stop over producing insulin. In the meanwhile, I’ve lost five pounds!! And it has stayed that way for more than a week so far. Knowing that the time will pass regardless of if I start exercising and changing my diet or not is also a driving force for me.

Let me know if you have PCOS, I’m young and I would really enjoy the responses of other women diagnosed with PCOS.
Good night for now, I’m thoroughly exhausted!
Look out for a photoblog coming soon,



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