Friendship, University and Social Media: A ‘MicroPost’

“We’ll always be friends.”
Best friends to quick ‘hellos’.

Distance makes the heart grow fonder,
It makes our minds start to wonder.
Are we still friends?
We hardly speak anymore
We’re too busy to catch up
Buried beneath careers and university work

Days, weeks, months, go by
I guess what we’ve dreaded is true.
The promises we may as we graduated with glee
have been pushed aside with all of the lessons we need to study.

We can see each others doings
We can like each others statuses,
Comment on Instagram pics
and watch Snapchat stories
but that human touch is missing.

Late at night studying, must get this Chem right,
my mind drifts to you and how long it has been
since the times of our hooligan laughs,
choking on soda set out in the draft.
I find my solace in that the times we’ve had together can never be forgotten.

Turns out we were on the same page because my phone is vibrating,
and it is that terribly cheesy photo of you smiling.

It’s summer break now and all of my friends who’ve been really distant for the past school year are all coming back home now. It’s great to be hanging out (liming) with them. After feeling alone for a while it feels great to have them around. I thoroughly enjoy my time spent with Lanes, but even her I haven’t been seeing much of, and it is great to hang out with a group of friends again.
We don’t need forever we just need now.

Rushell 🙂


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