Guidance: Adventure, Love, Contribution- Sailing, Swimming and Study Abroad

In case you don’t know, this summer, in exactly 20 days from now, I will be leaving my little island in the sun to compete along side my team at the oldest and one of the most prestigeous sailing regattas in the world- the ‘Cowes Week 2015’. It will be the first year since the race’s inception that a boat from Trinidad and Tobago will be representing our nation at this regatta. I say these things not boasting, but in awe. The experience seems surreal, the idea that four of my team mates just sailed our boat ‘Legacy’ across the Atlantic breaking a record seems like a dream. However, this yacht club ‘talk’, the  material of grand dreams has been turned into reality.

I’ll keep this short because I must be up early in the morning but I feel as if I must write this tonight.

In life we must reach to a point where our actions are not simply reflexes, our actions must be thought through and meaningful. Even if they are simple. Learn to think, learn to question.

I can speak for myself and a few others but not for all when I say that, as you begin to think for yourself you begin to grow, your desires begin to wonder, maybe before you are even on your first boat or plane, you begin to travel because you now know that there is not only the method that has been imposed upon you. There are others out there who have their own ways of living and as you begin to question your own your own ways you will seek out those of others which you believe are better. Travel will open your eyes and shed a new light on things that you already knew.

Life is a constant give and take. Births, deaths, waves, receding ocean, daylight, darkness. So to it must be with your mannerisms. Give back, in every which way, even when you think you don’t have enough. Give back even then for it is at this point when you will learn a very important lesson. You never have too little to share.

I am going to be continuing my swimming every Monday, Wednesday and Friday but I am changing to swimming in the morning so that I have more time. I’ll be up at 6am and then to the pool for 6:30am to swim until 8:00am. This is to facilitate me getting exercise to lose weight which would hopefully improve my PCOS condition, also my fitness must be in tact for the racing this summer at Cowes. Sailing isn’t all cocktails and sunsets, it is also grinding winches and tailing ropes. I am excited to start this adventure in the new class. Previously, I attended the ‘Fitness Class’ at my swim club, I will now be training in the adults class which means I will most likely be swimming in my own lane and under my own instruction, for this month of July.

Lastly, it seems that I may be meeting up with a friend that I met while I was at university in Barbados. I have missed his conversations and his thought flow. Which says a lot, for although I don’t typically miss people, I sometimes miss the way that they express them selves, these are few and far between. It will be wonderful to see him again, I’m stoked.

That’s all for tonight folks. Actually I’m giving you some homework. Real homework because I am not going to put a link to it on here, instead, go youtube ‘the nights’ by Avicii. It will be worth your time.

Stay wondering, stay salty,


4 thoughts on “Guidance: Adventure, Love, Contribution- Sailing, Swimming and Study Abroad

  1. Hey there! Thank you for stopping by my blog site! I love your page. I just followed you and hope you follow back. I’ll be posting more about NYC and NJ soon. 🙂
    See you around! 🙂

    Do follow me on my instagram & twitter: aislinnpaula

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    1. Hey!!
      Thanks for reading a bit about my Great Perhaps! I’m enjoying scrolling through your blog very much. Our exercising habits seem very similar.
      I’m on instagram as @rusharella go check me out to see more of my photography.
      See ya! Thanks.

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