(Emotico*SORRY*) E M O T I O N S

Maybe you didn’t have this experience but it isn’t hard to follow; remember sex-ed class where they (may be just my experiences) said that girls have emotions and boys are like straight lines?

Okay, take a minute or two, or three to laugh off that lie that they told us preteens. Girls have feelings and changes in their moods but boys don’t.

Hoping you’re done laughing by now because I’m continuing. In case you’re wondering I never fell for that as I was the only girl among six boys, I pity the girls who said and did all sorts of things to their boyfriends only to find out that males did indeed have feelings and experience changes of moods.

Anyway that wasn’t the main thought of this post. The main thought is that we have emotions and they affect and impair reality. Emotions are Instagram filters, but before there were Instagram filters. Emotions are necessary, raw and sometimes fickle, they are often times easily influenced. Emotions are powerful and demand to be felt.

I’ve gone through a few of these for the week so far but conveniently they were quite superficial, or so it seems. I’m excited to be sailing in one of the most prestigious sailing regattas in the world very soon, I am overwhelmed by the people who seemingly do not have much yet still they gave so much to me to get to go to England to sail in this race; I’m frustrated that my credit card won’t work to order my gear online; I’m uncomfortable with the number of road fatalities recently, I think I may actually be missing someone and that is strange, I’m happy that the Bozek’s are bringing me to Paris to spend sometime with them.

I have no new life perspective for you; treat others as you would like to be treated and work for the greater glory of God. Look past the emotion, look at the subject. Embrace your emotion, don’t suppress it.

Stay salty!
Also, I am raising funds for sailing gear for me to use at Cowes Week, feel free to donate at the link posted below. I’d greatly appreciate you donations.




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