Rushell in L O N D O N

Number or London runners that Rushell has tripped: 3

Number of times Rushell has tripped over the sidewalk: 5

Number of times Rushell overspent: 4

Number of times Rushell has gotten onto the wrong train: 1

Number of nights Rushell went to bed at appropriate UK time: 0

Number of day time naps per day: 1

Number of hours walked: 9

Number of times Rushell got to wear shorts out: 0

Number of adaptors: 2

Number of adaptors she arrived with: 1

Number of adaptors that work: 1

Number of times it has rained since she’s here: 0
(I brought them blue skies with me!)

Number of alcoholic drinks she paid for: 0

Number of alcoholic drinks she’s drank: 2

Number of people in her room: 12 of a potential 14

Number of roommates that actually interact outside of their phones: 1

Number of really good conversations: 3

Number of times she’s spoken Mandarin/had a conversation in Mandarin: 2

Number of Chinese conversations she’s listened in on: countless… 😀 😉

Number of times she’s felt guilty for it: 0

Number of liters of water she’s drank since arrival: 2.25

Number of times locked out of dorm: 0

Number of times she couldn’t find hostel: 3

Where are the awesome people she met from:
– UK
-Somewhere in the East

Went on a charity walk with some of the staff and guest of the hostel distributing armbands along the Thames in an attempt to raise awareness of the need for bone marrow donors. Got a free tee and drinks. Cheers!



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