Elastic Heart

“I’ve got thick skin and an elastic heart.”

Thanks Sia for making a complete sentence of one slightly confusing aspect of my life. It doesn’t apply in the same sense as you imply it but it works regardless. I’m guessing that you meant something along the lines of ‘your thick skin blocks out hurtful things or experiences on the outside’ and I’m not sure about the elastic heart but I have my own reasoning.

My thick skin doesn’t keep hurtful things out and my elastic heart doesn’t snap. I still get hurt, I get hurt pretty badly and I get down, I get sad but I can take it. While the thick skin doesn’t safeguard me from hurtful things or experiences it really increases the number of them I can take.

I’d love you to the ends of the Earth; I could always love a little more. Love isn’t red, love is black. It is dark, it is confusing and you never know where you’d end up if you decide to love someone. It isn’t cherry and bubbly. Love is giving of yourself more and more, it is placing others before yourself, love hurts. Sorry, I’m not taking about that good, old, happy go lucky, ‘this feels good’ sort of love, I’m talking about the times when you call someone who you are certain no one else will call, when you make time to listen to a lonely person who rambles on, when you stand up for someone who can’t do it for themselves, walking someone home even though you’re tired, basically when you give someone the last cookie that you’ve been waiting to eat all day. It doesn’t always feel good but it is good. (Things that always feel good rarely end well.)

That’s the type of love I’m interested in. It goes way further. The elastic heart is boundless.

Blogs are weird. Why on Earth am I sharing this with you and I don’t even know who will read/not read this.

The internet is weird.

Rushell Rousseau


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