100 Yachtie Good Mornings

Last Saturday, two days after returning from a grand sailing adventure in the colder regions of the world, I took back my position as crew on a yacht charter. (Oh how we take cruising in the tropics for granted!) We  left the dock around 930 hours and all around the marinas were busy with crews and boat owners doing their morning duties before the day got too hot. Everyone with tight faces and not much unnecessary conversation.


This morning, like many other mornings in the past, there was a sailor out in his dinghy doing some repairs at the stern of his boat. I released the bow lines and remained on the bow per protocol. As we manuvered to exit our slip, the yachtie and myself were in a range close enough for comfortable conversation. I told him a pleasant good morning at which he turned around and retuned the greeting as well as wishing me a good day at sea. I thanked him and let him know that I hoped he got through with the repairs that he was doing just fine.

It was a brief exchange that easily lifted spirits and we were both able to bring blessings to each other’s path for the day. It could have easily been avoided but then we would both be missing out on the chance to lift another person’s spirit. Typically, this doesn’t happen unless someone wants to gain something from the exchange. Turns out that he was able to finish his repairs and sailed out of the harbour by the time we returned in the evening.

It is so common for us to walk past others, sit next to others, stand across from others and not acknowledge their existence. We stare blankly into space because we dare not tell the person walking towards us on the sidewalk ‘Good Morning!’ Our thoughts or headphones are much more important than lifting the collective vibe. And so day in and day out we refuse to share greetings and look further into the void.

Imagine a day where by the time you’ve arrived at your office desk you have already been positively impacted by ten, twenty, thirty people. You’ve smiled at real faces not pixels on a newsfeed, used your voice and at the same time you’ve gotten ten, twenty, thirty “Good morning”s or “Have a pleasant day”s.

I challenge you today to do the extremely scary and unnatural thing of telling your neighbour ‘Good morning!’ as you hop into the car, or greeting the soul on an infinite journey that is sitting next to you on the train.

It is worth your while to smile.
Stay salty, stay adventurous, stay in.



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