Part 1: Tips To Remember When Planning Your Vacation/Backpacking Adventure


After returning from a month of traveling through southern England and France, a trip that was the result of a year of planning, I’ve brought back some travel tips that I think are useful. Hopefully soon you’ll be well on your way to your adventure ready to have your own experiences and bring back your own tips for the lessons that you learned.



F L I G H T S   &   H O S T E L S / H O T E L S
From the moment your mind wonders over to the thought of maybe traveling sometime in the future, my suggestion is that you immediately go look at the cost of flights.

More often than not, your flight will be the/one of the most most expensive parts of your trip. In that moment when you go online to check flight prices adjust the date in the search box before you search. The search is usually done at the following day or the nearest day that there will be a flight. This price that you see may be significantly higher or lower than if you adjust the date to the actual date that you intend to fly on as it is last minute.

In other circumstances, if a flight is almost booked, the airline may drop costs of seats so that they fly with a full plane. Once again this price is not an accurate representation of the cost that you will have to pay.

You can use search engines such as ‘Kayak’ which will monitor flights over a period of time and send you an email when the price of a particular flight is down. This is a really good resource that you should take advantage of once you have your funds for the flight ready.

Last minute deals! If you end up with a Monday or Friday or some odd days off and would like to go on a trip I suggest that you get flexible with your hours and destinations, search for cheap flights to ‘anywhere’, check out hostels/hotels/airbnb in that area and Voila! a vacation.

Okies! Running to class now. Keep your eyes out for parts 2-6 and more pictures from my trip.
Stay salty, keep adventuring!



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