Pixels:—————————————–L I F E T H E S E D A Y S

Here are some photos of life lately.

Most days now I spend more time at uni that at home so these are from the days that I don’t. Classes are interesting and I’m enjoying them. The most strange interaction so far was when a guy asked if I was Jewish because of the black dress that I was wearing.  The most informative class I’m doing this semester is Environment and Natural Resource Management. The class that I possibly should not have chosen as an elective is Social Work; while the topic is interesting the method used to present information during lectures is extremely ineffective and the slides aren’t as yet available online so the course outline and I are getting acquainted. Overall I enjoy my classes and I’m on my first set of assignments currently with midterms approaching in two weeks time. I’m enjoying this adventure of university thus far.


The Caroni Plains as seen from a Lopinot trail in the Northern Range. The view was spectacular and seemed to go onwards for miles.


Weekends at the marina are still a thing with the family (mom and dad as Jordan is away at university). Seeing so many breathtaking sunsets are great reminders of God’s creativity and also of how much God thinks of us. We were made in his image and likeness, He the greatest, more grand than the sun yet it is often difficult to see our grandeur.


A new political party is in power here in Trinidad and Tobago- a great relief as under the past administration our family business was blacklisted and we had hardware stores calling to subcontract us to do marine work. The level of corruption was another low for Trinidad and Tobago. I’m glad that they’re gone.

Outside of political alliances however, it is wonderful seeing the democracy of our nation at work. I believe that a strong message is being sent to those who wish to run our nation that if the population doesn’t approve of your work you will not be reelected. It seems that our elections also carry on without interference which really is a blessing in these times.

This was also the first time that I was able to vote and I gladly went to the poles before heading off to classes at quarter past six/quarter to seven. I feel privileged to be able to vote. (Yes, my views on voting have changed within recent years.)


  F R E E Z I N G   I C E   C O L D   W A T E R F A L L  W A T E R

why not?


I have a thing for sunsets. Maybe you know that by now. I was driving home when I saw this one and decided to pull aside and capture it. It’s golden warmth drenched my truck as I left the marina. We’re always rushing somewhere. Some times it is in our best interest to just slow down and take in the beauty of the world that we have the privilege of existing in. Our habitat is beautiful and our lives are fleeting.


On my third week of classes we sailed north to Grenada for the weekend. Did I tell you that I don’t have classes on Fridays? Do you know how wonderful a long weekend every weekend is? I’d let you in on this- IT IS  W O N D E R F U L!

Dad caught a sole barracuda on our trip up and presented it to an old friend who works in the marina. Unlike in the Northern Caribbean, in the Southern Caribbean barracudas are readily consumed as the mercury levels in these fish are not as high in this region.


Our friends in Grenada are treasured.
Our good vibe tribe

DSC_3707 G R A N D E     A N S E

DSC_4314 S U P E R M O O N   B L O O D M O O N   L U N A R   E C L I P S E

As usual I was caught between wanting to watch the moon as well as photograph it. Did a bit of both and it worked out just fine. Mom and I stayed out in the backyard and watched the entire thing. The best part of the night was when my phone died and I was no longer distracted by a second piece of technology. It was cold (by tropical standards) and I had an essay plan to design but there were no mosquitoes so we stayed out right to the end of the eclipse. I think I’d remember that sight all of my days. After midnight when it was all bright again I went upstairs and finished the essay plan, constantly ignoring my bed as it beckoned (yes, my bed is capable) to me to join it instead (or so it seemed).

That’s all for now folks! Back to writing a draft for my Film- Intro to Cinema essay.

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Stay free, stay wild, stay salty!

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