Productivity of a Facebookless Weekend (16 things accomplished)



extremely useful tool of communication and procrastination

With midterms looming, only hours in the distance and assignments to complete, I took the harsh (not really) decision to deactivate the lovely (not really) world of Facebook for the weekend. Oh the inconvenience! I had to rely on lesser platforms of social media such as Instagram and tumblr for the weekend to supplement my mindless scrolling deficiency. Well my consciousness kicked in whenever I found myself looking through useless hashtag (these things: ‘#’) on Instagram so I would return to whatever more important task I should have been doing. Inconveniently, most of those I follow on tumblr are studyblrs, – get with the times people! Studyblrs are tumblr accounts where silly people glorify productivity and studying and note-taking…. ugh YUCK! Actually I love making notes and they decorate their desks, notes and share useful study tips. Scrolling through tumblr just made me want to get back to my own study space so I’d close the tab.

So this weekend wasn’t like most of the others where down time was spent scrolling down the timelines of the 124 or so people privileged enough to be my Facebook friends. Good for you! Now you’re subjected to my opinions on gardening, politics, the world and interactions with others. Oh yeah! And when i have to vent because yet another person has doubted that I’m Trinidadian. Cha!!! (hmmm possibly shouldn’t have used a Bajan slang there…)

Okay! Without having a convenient means of procrastination this weekend I accomplished 16 things! Here goes:

  1. I finished attending to the vending machines on Saturday morning. Usually another day’s task but I was finishing typing my film essay on that morning so I started work late and had to finish on Saturday.
  2. I studied/ (am) studying for a Communication exam on Monday. Did I mention that I really enjoy my courses? I do! I do!
    Behold my study space!
  3. I tidied my bed and bedroom and desk! Because studying in an untidy room is impossible for me. Plus since I turned, 20 last year I’ve kept up a very good track record of keeping my room tidy always so it is never too difficult to clean.
  4. Caleb and Caila got watered plus their little offspring (literally)- not pictured for safely reasons.
    Thanks to PCOS and all of the potential implications of child birth and all of those great things that I may/may not get to experience I’ve bought myself a plant to be my children. They are my companions and I’m grateful for ’em!
  5. Did my laundry; an activity that has always been scheduled for Sundays but never gets done until it is critical.
    Which is alarming because ‘in this day and age’ (as they say), doing laundry is so easy. Sort.Load.Empty. Switch Machines. Load. Empty. Hang.
    Anyways it is finished and I’m happy. Plus mom gave me a hand as I always leave my things in the wash…
    Thanks MOM!
  6. I broke my Yankee Candle
    Definitely not an accomplishment but it happened. You see I was making a tower of the glasses that I never took back to the kitchen, and anything else that I could have found on my desk as I sat at home amongst my books while I should have been studying. My leaning tower of Babel fell (traveling Christianese pun… haha). It was all good in the end though because I got to sweep out my room to get rid of the glass, so my floors are happy and I was able to salvage the candle after a bit of reshaping and such. Now my room literally smells like clean linen.  🙂
    There is actually a picture of my tower moments before disaster but it refuses to load. I’ll try to get it up in the week.
  7. Planned a bit for my next business venture
    Fear not, I’ll make sure that everyone knows when it is launched and where they may access it.
  8. Found my lens cap
    Why is it that everything we’re looking for is in the last place that we look???
    Don’t answer that.
    Ever since Niko and I had our romp at the Green Park last weekend I could not find it and so didn’t really take the camera anywhere this week.
    I’m a happy camper once again as I was so not willing to spend any money on a new one and had resolved to using a filter to protect my glass.
  9. Had a lovely lunch with the family
    Typically in my house you can’t skip any family meal to do work but I was able to run (drive Beetle) to the supermarket to pick up a few things to compliment dad’s masterpiece which I may not have done had I used precious revision time on scrolling. Which actually leads to accomplished thing number 10 and 11. Shoutout to mom who also cooks extremely well and usually is the daily cook. (sigh – acknowledging all works )
  10. Added a new champagne cork to my collection
    We had some champagne with our lunch today so I did my duty and collected the cork. I have no clue what i’m going to do with them as yet but I’m certain that I’ll think of some crafty use for them like, well you’ll see when I do. I’m sure mom thinks that I’m just doing my usual and keeping rubbish…
  11. Collected my fleece from the captain’s house (and stored my backpack)
    As I walked into the grocery I saw the owner of the boat that I sail on and went to Cowes Week (England) with and she reminded me that I should come for my fleece that I left aboard when the regatta was finished and they were sailing back to Dartmouth and I was heading to Paris. I actually think that I couldn’t find it, that’s why I left it. So about a month and a half later I’ve collected my fleece. Lovely! And in matters completely unrelated (but I already wrote the name of this post and made reference to it) I finally stored my (dad’s that I borrowed) backpack that I used to backpack the UK and Paris this summer gone until it is used again. Next summer hopefully as I travel the Three C’s. Travel plans won’t be disclosed as yet. And it is not likely that you figure out where the Three C’s are. Sorry! #sorrynotsorry
  12. Spent some time with the Word
    It has been rough but I’ve come around to reading again. There is much to be gained from reading God’s word. (YES! I know that God did not physically write the Bible but he inspired his faithful and they scribed it, hence, His Word.) SWERVEEEEE!!!!! Conflict avoided. #likeaboss
    I’m on Matthew, which is where I had stopped off. If anyone has free time and ever wants to discuss biblely things with me I’m down. I could deal with some conversation.
    Also, I’ve been thinking about this, and it is actually in the beginning of Matthew where Jesus says that in prayer, don’t be public, you must not present yourself as a show to others as you pray, go into your closet actually was what he said. When people post pictures of their ‘Coffee and Quiet Time’ on Instagram and well, what I’m doing here, is that wrong? Since it isn’t actually praying? Ahhh, let me know your views in the comments if you care to.
  13. Got my printing done!
    Finally I hooked back up the loaned printer cable (I refuse to purchase another for $300TT) from my parents and I printed away, my lecture slides, essay to submit, planning schedules, notes, etc.
    I finished my cartridge so I had to take their own which I now have to replace but it is all good. I got my printing done!
    DSC_4633*Alex Eversley, if you read this, that pink spot on the wall is actually from that year that we shared our birthday balloons and named them and they took forever to deflate (die). I went away or ddi for a weekend and when I returned home the balloon had completely deflated and melted onto the wall but I like how it looked so I never moved it. You can thank me for the trip down memory lane in school  ahahah
    Lectures for Human Comm. all neatly in a row.
  14. Started planning my essays due for submission
    Yipideedoda Yipideeda my oh my what a lovely es-sayy!!!
    Once I receive an assignment I do the ground work and it saves my butt every time. Take for example my last film essay; as soon as I got the assignment I started to work on it- just the basic ideas, then as time progressed I did more and more, little by little so it never felt pressing and although I didn’t start to write the body of the essay until four or so days until it was due, I already had what I was going to write planned out so I was nowhere as stressed as my class mates who started the essay the day or two days before. Little by little my friends. Works every time!


15. Planned for the upcoming week and filled in the due dates of existing assignmentsHow to not be stressed on Monday? Plan over the weekend. It is such a stress reliever. By planning I don’t necessarily mean the two hour, sit down and go through each course with the outline and relevant data from my job that I may be found doing but even making a really simple list on your phone of the most important things that you have to do in the upcoming week and figuring out when is the best and most realistic time to do them eases your mind so much as you have less to keep track of. Try it!-oh it is none of your business what my non-uni related notes are so they’ve been removed for the snoopers

DSC_4627Can we just talk about how it is not even halfway through October but I already have six project and assignments due in November?

DSC_4628If you’re wondering, I have the Erin Condren 12 months planner and it is the second year that I’ve bought it. Besides her attempt at increasing removable cover sales this year, I had no complaints about it and this planner is incredibly useful as well as customizable. If you live in Trinidad, your best bet will be to purchase it and have it delivered to a skybox or a family/friend’s address as shipping outside of the USA comes in at $50US which is the price of the planner (before any add-ons) and if you’re a regular person, paying over $700TT for a planner is incredibly ridiculous. It is good but it isn’t that good, like it is just a planner at the end of the day. My parents tend to travel frequently, so I order mine when the new year comes out then send it to a company that holds and ships goods until mom and dad collect it along with their things for me. Otherwise, I possibly won’t buy it. Maybe. aha
_____Obviously, I am not paid to promote her planner but it is the planner that I decided upon after three years of watching reviews and her brand progress until I finally purchased one for 2014. However, Erin if you read this and are willing to provide me with some sort of discount or something overtime someone uses my link to make a purchase that will be great!

16. Write this post! 
I had enough time to make this post. I took the pictures, made the plan, edited pictures, thought up tags and categories, inserted hyperlinks, found old posts and websites, thought up a suitable name and a featured image.
Oh!! HAHAHAHA you thought blogging was simple. Oh I pity you. I do! I do!
Thankfully for the most part I’ve always received very encouraging responses about having a blog and what I write here, of course I’ve received a few snide remarks as well but say what! #mehnahcareinno (Sorry you possibly have no clue what I just wrote if you aren’t a Trini)
However, a lot more work than it seems goes into having this blog, writing these posts as well as attempting to participate in the WordPress community a.k.a. reading other’s blogs and commenting on them, something that is so important but I usually don’t make sufficient time for it. I’m really happy that I am able to put together this well thought out post tonight.

1. I would like to thank every single person who has viewed this blog, made a comment, liked a post or shared my work over the past year. This year so far I was able to surpass the number of external blog views (non-Wordpress users) of the past year and a quarter that I had this blog for, combined! How exciting is that? Thank you!!

2. What did you miss? Here is my last post. It’s about love and indifference and feelings and lack of all of the above.
What’s next? Either a photoblog of my afternoon with Niko last Sunday and surfing for my birthday or a post that I wrote while on the flight from my island in the sun to England, about what to do on long flights. It is a little funny as are any of my posts concerning transportation modes. If you want to check out my last photoblog from our sail up to Grenada, go here.

So let me know in the comments what are your informed views on Christians sharing their ‘#quiettime’ photos on Instagram etc. If you want to schedule a mini bible study/talk hit me up! (not literally). Also, is Facebook like the bestie that you don’t have or do you rarely go on? And lastly, let me know if you have any questions on Erin Condren planners.
Back to Human Comm now! Got a good bit again to study 🙂    jk jk i’m just going to sit here and watch my blog stats increase ahaha. I really should get back to work though. Hmm, yeah I’ll do that.

Y’all know the drill!
Stay salty, stay adventurous, stay committed, stay in, live free.
Happy NEW WEEK!!!
Rushes 🙂


3 thoughts on “Productivity of a Facebookless Weekend (16 things accomplished)

  1. Well, this post did make me smile. You’re being a good girl, aren’t you. So you start doing assignments right away? I don’t think I’ve ever done that in my life–limboing under the fiery bar at the last minute after a frantic allnighter was more my mode. I DON’T recommend it! Doesn’t work for everyone!!!

    You’ve got cactus children? Don’t hug them too much, please. They might grow up to be serial prickers but that’s a risk you’ll have to take. Would you like a dog instead? She’s a VERY big dog-puppy and she’ll kiss you until you’re dripping with dog-spittle. You can hug HER. (Ari)

    I like your style, sailor girl!

    Signed, Evila

    Liked by 1 person

    1. OH!! I’m laughing out loud right now at my potential serial pricking children. Oh good lord! I’m not sure Ari’s daddy would like that too much, or maybe he would since I’m nearby.
      Yes! I start assignments usually on the same day that I get them and work on them for a few days then if it not due for a while I may procrastinate until the last week/ night before but all of the groundwork is already there so it isn’t too bad.
      A girl needs her sleep :’) My days of staying up all night for two/three nights in a row are done! Somewhere between finishing Envi IAs and studying in Barbados (what a waste- should have slept/partied) my body called it quits on that madness.
      I’m glad I made you smile tonight. Thanks for the comment! 😀


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