Part 2: Traveling Tips- Four Things To Do On Long Flights-

This post was actually drafted in notes on my flight to London from Port-of-Spain which is approximately nine hours of flying. Long to me but not so long for many of the Aussie travelers that follow this blog. I consider anything over 4 1/2 hours long.

Conveniently, the only two free seats in the entire plane (Boeing 747) were right next to me! They remained unoccupied and so I transitioned them into a bed. Eventually all of me when numb because planes were built to be effective transporters, not providers of comfort.


A- Get comfy– Somehow, some which way, get in a comfortable position. If you’re like me and your seat is the the one right in front of the ‘lavatories’ which are smaller than regular seats this might take a little more effort but it is possible. Rather than use the blankets as blankets, I’ve turned them into pillows and padded my seat and the armrests. Small space but ideal space; I’m sure that there are others with more space than myself who aren’t as comfy. Hopefully they read this post before their next flight. (Why do we use the word, ‘lavatories’ on planes and nowhere else?)

Lastly, comfortable is sometimes a place that we must create in our minds. When the seat has minimal legroom and you’re six foot nine (my brother) good luck sitting comfortably or rather fitting at all into some of these airline seats. When you are in the middle spot between two lovers, snorers, excessive talkers, dribblers, then is the time, so breathe deeply and calmly accept your situation.

Come to terms with it and let it go. This may take a while but you have a long flight, no wifi and not much access to anywhere, you can take all the time you wish. Create that space in your mind and stay there. What you want to do before you get settled though is to ask the flight attendant if there are any other possibly more comfortable seats that you can get. Once the flight isn’t entirely booked they would almost always be willing to oblige.


B-Make friends with the air-hostesses and get extra stuff. Be pleasant. Interact with them, they aren’t your maids but they are there to make your flight more comfortable. Why settle for a cup of juice when you can get the entire tin? Switch up your meals, get extra snacks! The world is your oyster kiddos!


C- Respect the air hostesses too. If it isn’t a necessity that they come to you in the middle of the night then don’t call them. Ensure that your offspring don’t call them while playing with the remotes either. Although it is highly unexpected of children to do something like that. i.e., in a parallel universe because let us be real- a button that lights up, makes a noise and soon enough brings you some attention from another person is quite delightful for any child.


D- Catch up on your missing ZZZs because you’re finally on an imposed break from your extremely hectic, scattered brain, running around with seemingly unending todo lists.

There you go, the four things that I thought one should remember while on a long flight as written while I flew to London from Trinidad sometime before I realized that we were flying into sunrise and I should possibly get off of this computer and get some sleep.


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