MET.A.NOI.A -The Start of Something New in Caribbean Green Seasonings


This project, the met.a.noi.a products project is the result of a seed that was planted, it germinated and it is now growing. It isn’t stationary and each day is unlike the previous. Each day is a challenge and a victory.

Through observation and contemplation I realised that the life I spoke of as my goal was not the life that my actions were leading me to. I was not paying attention to the title of the map that I used as a guide.

As I spoke to more people and asked questions about their goals and the destinies that they intended to arrive at, I was faced with the realisation that I was not the only one using the wrong road map.

And so, met.a.noi.a set its first roots.

How do we find the correct road map? How do we begin on its journey? How do we get others to look at the title of their road map? What am I good at? What do I feel passionate about?

The answer is food.

It stands at the very basis of our existence, in every celebration it is present, it transcends cultures and socioeconomic classes. If we want to evolve we must look at our food. It is the very fuel that allows us to develop our passions, follow our dreams and nourish our bodies. Presently, for the majority of us, our food isn’t what it should be. Little intention goes into our meals, convenience sacrifices nutrients and often our good food is tainted with a plethora of substances that simply don’t belong.

When ingesting chemicals is a part of our daily lives we should start to ask some questions. Well I did and that is how I’m here, that is how met.a.noi.a was conceived and that is the purpose that it seeks to fulfill. met.a.noi.a wants you to ask more questions about purity, about, your body’s worth and its health. met.a.noi.a wants you to look at the title of your road map, it wants you to ask yourself if its destination is where you intend to arrive at. Mostly, met.a.noi.a wants to be that small seed that leads to bigger questions and bigger changes.

What is my passion? What am I good at? What is this? Where did it come from?

I am passionate about knowing where what I put into my body comes from and who’s life was affected to get it to me. I’m passionate about purity, I’m passionate about nature taking its course, I’m passionate about improving our nation’s food stability. I’m passionate about our economy and our import bill. I’m passionate about planting. Planting without the use of chemical fertilizers or chemical pesticides. To me these things make sense, they co-exist and operate along blurred lines.
Hence met.a.noi.a would have to be something that encompasses all of these ideas, utilises one of my talents, is practical and is a conversation starter.

met.a.noi.a is bottled green seasoning grown in my garden with everything that is pure and nothing that isn’t. Throughout its life, it follows a journey of sustainability and purpose from its first sprout to the table.

Producing my own ‘organically’ backyard garden grown seasoning has been one of my favourite things to do for the past few years. The flavours brought forward are second to none and are an essential for any Caribbean dish. Often there is a glass of this green goodness in the fridge ready to add to whatever is being prepared that night. Wholesome and convenient, without sacrifice and soon available to you.

Maybe met.a.noi.a will get its own blog space in the future but for now I’m sharing Great Perhaps with it. You can check out the Facebook page for met.a.noi.a here, be sure to give it a like to keep up to date with the latest news. Also, my goal for anything related to met.a.noi.a is to have people be inspired about the food that they eat, where it comes from, and what is in it. Currently, the garden is being attended to daily and its size is being increased so that I can share this journey from our mouths to our minds with you. I’ll keep you updated on the progress of this my latest project.



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