Here, here,

Behold a list of the five ‘things’ that I’m most excited about right now.

  1. CONVERSATIONS- Lately, since #RushellgoestoCowes, I’ve been having the most amazing conversations with people. From the people I sat next to on trains, coaches, ferries and planes to the ones that I’ve met on campus and even with my mom, I feel as if the qualities of my conversations has improved significantly.

My conversations seem to have more focus and direction, I’ve also met many people who have views of the world that are similar to mine. So many ideas have been developed and shared, so much knowledge has been transmitted that I’m quite impressed.

Part of this has to do with the fact that I haven’t been in the constant company of friends or family since July. In London and Cowes, if I wanted to get to communicate I had to be willing to transcend the barriers of my personal zone. As expected that was no problem and I met many people with great stories and ideas.

Since starting university for the second time I cannot help but notice the great difference from my first university experience. In Barbados, I had two friends that I saw everyday, ate meals with, limed with, studied with. In addition to those two girls who I know for more than eight years and in one case my entire school career, I made a few friends that I would spend a lot of time with. I also lived in a house of eight. There were always people around me and although I made friends of people that I met around school there was no great need for me to go outside of the established companions I had.

Going to school in Trinidad is exactly the opposite! One would think that this, being my home country, it would not be lonely but I cannot come close to explaining how lonely this place has become. I leave home early in the morning after telling my parents good morning in order to avoid traffic in the suburb then in the city. I arrive to school before most then go to my classes. Four hours into the day and it is the first time that I’m getting to speak to people. Besides Mondays I have big gaps in my timetable between classes which leads to more quiet time. Finally on three out of four days my classes finish after six and seven pm and on that one day that classes finish earlier it is right at the rush hour traffic so it makes no sense leaving school early.

So in order for me to interact with other I go out of my way to talk to people and it has resulted in me meeting some really (seemingly) wonderful people. I’ve had quality conversations with them which are often the highlights of my days.

2. STROMAE- If you haven’t heard this guy’s music I suggest that you go Youtube him right now. Pure brilliance I tell you. I discovered his song Papaoutai a few months ago and enjoyed it, the video captivated me but I only watched it again once. Until this past weekend and now I’m listening to every song of his that I can find. Did I mention that it is in French?

3. Shawl- When I was in Paris, aunty Nadine gave me one of her many beautiful shawls and I’ve been rocking it ever since. This shawl is the perfect companion. I have no complaints and it is so versitile. I use it not only as a shawl but as a picnic mat, a beach mat, a curtain in my truck, a towel, a cover and I often tie up my belongings in it turning it into a bag. It is beautiful!


4. Mental Freedom- Not going to say much here because it would be very long if I do but if you live without accepting the labels assigned to you, if you don’t accept suppression, then you have no chains. This spans from people to social constructs, it includes this development and change in ideologies that I’ve been growing onto and it goes on to encompass the newfound dedication and determination that I have. That’s all I’d say for now, maybe some other day of write a post on it. Maybe not. Who knows.

5. TREES. Maybe it started way back at the beginning of the semester when I was having ‘one of those days’ and I meditated on a tree. I learned a lot and felt significantly better and refocused when I was done. What the tree taught me I have held onto dearly. This campus has some really beautiful trees and I’ve been climbing them, sitting in them, sleeping and studying underneath them. It’s been wonderful. I think this is real love :$ #weddinginvisoutsoon haha! Really though, I’ve always been a mountain and ocean child but I’ve connected so much with trees lately it is just great!

Two runner ups that don’t quite make the cut but are pretty awesome:

Pedro’s meatballs. Basically if you’re in Trinidad you ought to order a dozen they are great!!!!!

Bollywood movies! Where have you been all of my life??? Thanks to film class I watched my first Bollywood movie this week and I think you can also say that it’s real. They are beautiful, beautiful, traditional, bright movies. They didn’t make it into the top give though because I don’t support the cross section of India that they show. I can’t imagine the negative effects of having the movie celebrities in a country of mostly dark tones be almost only extremely fair skinned Indians. #areyouserious?

So you got seven not five.


stay in, stay salty, stay adventurous


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