California Road Trip (part 2)

While I was in London over summer for my Cowes Week sailing adventure I met up with a friend that I met the first time I attended school in Barbados two years ago. He has been wandering the globe for over a year now and is currently in California exploring and partaking in this Grand Perhaps that is life.Conveniently he has started his own blog to share his tales of adventure on and I highly recommend it.
One of the most prized qualities that I think a person could possess is that of a childlike wonder and Grantley is one of the people who’ve harnessed that. Matt, his companion on this roadtrip was on exchange at UWI Cave Hill while I was there and we all became friends and shared many moments.
Stay salty, stay adventurous, stay in.

A Bigger Picture

Stopping in Tahoe to eat gave us a chance to recognise just how tired we were after our 6 mile hike in Blackwood Canyon. This drive would be trying. I was currently in no shape to drive. I always expend a lot of energy when in nature because I get a all childlike, intoxicated by the wanderlust, and this time was no different. Matt too was quite beat but he insisted that the double shot espresso he was drinking would allow him to drive some of the way. I told him that is he could drive for an hour while I slept, I’d be alert enough to finish the journey. Matt said that’s no problem, if I could sleep through the loud bass banging set he was going to play in order to stay awake… I was asleep before we even hit the highway.

When I came to, I looked…

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