Pixels: Re-emerging Post Studying, Finals and Christmas- Photos to Prove I Didn’t go AWOL -Lopinot Village Parang, Offroading, Beach Days and the Garden

The Great Perhaps has continued, albeit not on this blog for the past two months, the adventure hasn’t stopped- check my Instagram @rusharella for the vibes and thoughts that didn’t get posted here from November and December.


The mad rush to finish imminent assignments was followed by the long hours of studying for finals and was topped with the cherry of having my MacBook’s hard drive die.

I’ve been loaned a laptop from my mom which I’m entirely thankful for but it’s a bit like sleeping on someone’s couch rather than your own bed.

There were impromptu, “Wow today is lovely, such a beach day!” days that ended in a Maracas Beach trip while my Intro to Human Communication assignment awaited me as well as  Social Work exam material to be studied for the following Monday.DSC_5423


The backyard peas have grown so tall, they slowly began flowering and now there are pods of young peas well on their way to maturity. I’m so excited to pick and shell these peas. Also, the pods of peas have the most wonderful scent ever!

DSC_5601 (2)
My herb garden for ‘met.a.noi.a’ is doing well and I spend some time in it each day. It is a calming, peaceful place that has been teaching me many lessons on patience- much like the peas. There is nothing quite like eating food that you’ve grown in your own yard. You know that nothing has been added to it and it has not been sprayed with anything.



On an offroading adventure with my cousin at a nearby mountain.
Dead doggy!
When you consider that we drove over this skull and it still did not crack it makes you wonder about all of the other chicken bones that some of us chew and break so easily. Bone is extremely hard, what’s going on with these chickens?


For the first time I attended the Lopinot Parang Festival in the Lopinot village- a village nestled in a valley on the Northern Range. The last time I was there was at the beginning of the semester when I went on the off-roading trip over the Northern Range. It was a pretty grand day, you can check it out over here.

The food was absolutely amazing and I ate the wildest things ever. The three of us: Vincent, Loïc and myself had a tasty, somewhat spicy corn soup that was HUGE yet we all managed to finish each, then we split up to find the most interesting foods that we could before meeting back up in twenty minutes- turned into an hour with our spoils which we sat by the river and shared. Loïc found a girl as well and brought her back too! Hahaha!


We had:
corn soup
curry corn
sweet potato palourie
maringa fudge
breadfruit kurma
hogs’ head
black cake
leftover popcorn

As per usual, I was between minds; do I take pictures or do I just live in the moment. I took a few pics but mostly decided on the latter. Its not hard to picture in your mind though, a group of friends sitting in a circle on the bank under the canopy, the sun has long set, the river is flowing by us softly on the left and fireflies glow around us. Pretty magical.

I also met up with some of our family friends in the village who run the historical center there: the ‘Lopinot Great House’. Supposedly it is haunted but I experienced nothing to say that I can confirm that.

We’re all a bit odd


The food was exotic, the company was great and Lopinot is one of the most beautiful natural places in Trinidad so I was pretty much in my element.

And I met this Rasta man who has always traded and never worked within the system, ever since he was a young boy he was artistically inclined and developed his craft until now he sustains himself by selling the work of his hands. #goals


Gran’s garden is always transforming, we only have two seasons (rainy and dry) but this place turns from a corn field, to a flower garden, to an open yard, to an orchid’s paradise and now a peaceful afternoon hangout in a fallen plum tree that still flowers and bares fruit.

This is a self portrait, everyone else was inside talking, sleeping and eating.

DSC_6017 (2)


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