Pixels: 2016= 30 Days, 4 Sailing Trips, 3 1/2 Hours in Tobago, 2 Lost Loved Ones, 1 German Junge, No Hope

Cheers to another rotation around the sun.

My mind is a puddle so no ‘thoughts’ for now, only pixels until I can make sense of what I’m thinking.

Started with a first: 1st time not with family as the clock struck midnight but this girl is pretty much family.
Seeing that I was doing the countdown at midnight, I led the chant a few seconds late, #nomidnightkissesforanyone hahaha



Well for an hour or so anyway.


DSC_6554 (2)DSC_6557

Then came lots of sailing with anyone who was willing. Unfortunately it wasn’t served with a side of fries but of ‘buss ass’ on the slipway. We all have the black and blues, and scars to prove it. Elena and I rigged the boat one afternoon then realized there was no way to safely launch so we lay down on the dock and talked about life as the sun set before us.


DSC_7098 (2).jpgThe funniest thing about genes (jeans ūüėČ )is the influence that they have in each of our lives, how¬†family who don’t interact regularly could have the same spirit. How my mom and aunt who live on two different continents and don’t speak very regularly have the same laugh¬†and intonation in their speech. How my¬†travelling, photographing, adrenaline seeking cousin and I¬†are on the same page thousands of miles away.

Norway, Brazil, Tobago.

He was shooting a pilot for Looking For Adam with some of his friends and I went across to Tobago for a day to meet him and his friends. Although I spent more hours travelling than with them it was worth every single second. Much love Anthony!
Check out¬†the project, in a nutshell:¬†Alex (his friend)¬†is trying to find the ‘Adam’ for his mom, Eva. Such a warmhearted group to be amongst.


I’m not sure who¬† would not enjoy some down time reading in a hammock or talking to local fishermen, or playing ping pong on the beach.



Anddd, bills need to be paid, sponsors need to be pleased, and these sorts of shots needed to be taken.

Anthony taught me so much about histograms in those few hours, apparently these seemingly odd charts are actually hella useful!



ND filters out in full force




The time came to an end and as we drove back to the port for me to take the ferry to Trinidad, I had a conversation with Tony, Alex, Mira and Eva on love and what a conversation that was! Alex recorded all of it and I’d certainly like to hear it again. Sharing experiences, knowledge and guidance is a beautiful thing, if I ever get onto that recording I’d post it here.

Love’s a chemical reaction, nothing more, nothing less.

Maybe one day I’ll find out,
Maybe I won’t.

There you go, some of the moments that I stepped behind the lens over the past 30 days. It’s just a section of the highlight reel. It isn’t always sunshine and blue skies. Don’t base the quality of your own life off of your perception of those of others. Life is however, whatever you make of it.¬†Make your life your¬†best life possible regardless of the brick walls. ‘
* I guess I¬†should close this by saying that part of the reason that I’ve been sailing so much is because within the first 16 days of the year both the person who introduced the person who introduced sailing to me (my granddad (80), to my¬†dad, then to me) as well as my absolute favourite sailing coach (39)¬†died¬†on consecutive days. I’ve been well but I feel a bit broken. I’m sailing because I still have life in me to do so and also to honour my coach. Esther was a light in my life, her time here was by some definitions short but it was¬†full and she shone brightly, I have learned so much from her on the¬†water as well as off of the¬†water.


I’ll always sail on.

Stay devoted,
Stay itchin’
Stay in
Rush ūüôā



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