Thoughts: Even If We Can’t Find Heaven

If you listen to mainstream pop you have possibly heard this song.
If you use slang you have possibly made the statement, “I’m going through hell.”


If you live in a fairly conservative religious society, all of the grannies, grandpas, mommies and daddies are switching the station, rolling their eyes and shaking their heads in disappointment as this easy to sing along with jam is aired. Perhaps it is because the idea of not finding heaven and being in hell with someone is such a serious situation that we can’t talk lightly about it.

Which sucks because the song makes a fairly (very) controversial statement to represent commitment in a relationship. Meanwhile we have G-Eazy letting us know that he is not looking for love he is just looking for sex. So many songs speak of these relationships with shelf lives so short that they don’t even make it to the shelf. Sure flings are fun but they aren’t productive in terms of the bigger picture. That is, in the sense that it is a lot harder to raise a stable, contributing member of society who will perpetuate our species from a relationship where there was not a long term fondness, interaction and care between both partners before life was created.

Most people believe in a heaven or equivalent nirvana; it is practical considering the hardships of this life. Heaven can be equated to not only the good times but that end goal of success that one may work towards or contemplate throughout the day. Unfortunately heaven seems to be elusive so often. Instead bills, loans, cancer, long term illness, hardships and disappointment are frequent visitors in this life. What did the first three weeks of January feel like? It felt like hell. I lost more than I was willing to part with.

Sticking with another when things are dismal, gloomy or downright terrible is such an important attribute that I think the lyrics of the song are used in a manner than can be justified. If heaven and hell exist, our only way to conceptualise what they will be like is draw from the highs (the heavens) and the extreme lows (the hells) that we face in this existence.

Here is to sticking with those chosen people through hell.
Here is to loving them in the good and in the terrible.
Here is to being at your side.
Here is to joy and agape if we ever find heaven.

Much love,
Ps. I hope you find heaven.




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