Thoughts: Investing In Me

You can ask me to describe myself and I can give you a long descriptive response or I may choose to identify with only a few aspects of myself in that moment.

I’m an infinite being. 

DSC_8938 (2)

The most important asset I possess is myself. We’ve had our ups and downs, we’ve walked through hell when we could not find heaven.  We’ve stuck together and stuck it out and in these moments of clarity I’m giving back and putting forward. If all that I truly have is myself why not improve that asset?


There are two places where I can make these investments and they will be entirely about me. There is a third area that I’ve been working on since my 20th, albeit more arduously at certain times than at others.


  1. Mental health- I spontaneously attended this seminar called ‘Mind Your Madness’ which was hosted by the Counseling and Psychological Service (CAPS) and the Peer Counseling Association (PCA) at my university. It was a learning experience but I was familiar with many aspects of the material covered. The host was Dr. Sarah, she seemed extremely competent, pleasant and knowledgable. Last semester I signed up for counseling at the university but never heard back. Well, I spoke to Sarah and now I have an appointment later this month! If you read my second to last post on here you would most likely agree that this decision could not be a poor one. I possibly won’t post much about the details of this process but I will compare my counseling experience here to my experience in Barbados.
  2. Physical Health-  Depending on how long now you’ve been following this blog (HII!! If this is your first visit!) you will know that I have Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS). I’ve eaten Paleo while concurrently taking natural Vitex capsules and I’ve been able to improve that condition in a number of ways. I exercise frequently but I’m now going to challenge myself by doing the Kayla Itsines BBG work out level 1. I’ve contemplated doing this program for over a year now so this is really exciting for me and I’m looking forward to what this exercise and eating regime will do for me and where it takes me. You can look forward to many more posts on this adventure.

  3. Time management- umm, yeah, I’m still working at it. I’ve timetabled out every hour of every day and so far it has been working. Actually, I know that this works, it worked last semester but I was “preoccupied“at the beginning of this semester to settle myself into this pattern. That helps things a lot. I create my own 24hour, 7 day chart but for the month to month, essay plans, and exam plans I get them from this student’s tumblr post. #awesome!!  (theorganisedstudent). 

There you go, my three investments in me.

What are you doing for you? How are you building yourself up? I’d love to hear!

Stay salty, stay adventurous, stay in,


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