Pixels: Grenada, North Coast, Beach Day & Nature



I’m dreaming of experiences in lands far away. 

I’m embracing the moments in this fleeting existence.

I’m utilising the library of knowledge that I’ve gained.

We all came from somewhere and we are all heading somewhere. It does not matter that we have no clue where these places are. What matters is that we are here together at this one moment in time.

photo 1
This moment moving together holds more meaning than those unknown origins.

Reaching to the beach super late still qualifies as a beach day right?
photo 2

A simple joy of living on this island is being able to contemplate life at the side of the wise, old ocean.

(This is one of my favourite Caribbean islands and the home of many cherished friends, as well as my brother while he is at uni. Our visit was short and sweet, after not seeing many of these folks for six months I spent less time behind the camera and more time clinking drinks at sunset. )

Nonetheless, I did manage to get some shots in the marina on the afternoon that we arrived.

DSC_8866 (2)
This. Took. Forever. To. Capture.       Tide Pools Waves and Cameras are not buddies!
DSC_8799 (2)
I could sit and stare at this for a while, I did.
DSC_8810 (2)
Mom saw this shot on Instagram called me to look at this picture that she really liked then realised it was my from my account. #feelingaccomplished


DSC_8949 (2)

Where all of the yachties ‘shower’ before happy hour at Spinnaker Bar.

DSC_8938 (2)

There’s a story behind this picture but it is classified content. hahaha
In other news, the varying colours of palm leaves in the background and the dull green leaves make this one print worthy for me.

DSC_8754 (2)

Dekife FINALLY sailed to Grenada with us! Yahooo!!! It has been about two or three years now that we’ve been planning for him to join us. He slept the entire way to Grenada, I slept the entire way to Trinidad.

DSC_9096 (2)DSC_9069 (2)DSC_9130 (2)DSC_9070 (2)DSC_9102 (2)DSC_9081

SO! This adventure was supposed to start at 630am, it started after 9am. We drove, climbed, hiked, swam and climbed on top of trucks for cell reception. Usually I am one to squeeze every last drop of juice from the orange but on this adventure it was over by 1pm and that was perfect. A smooth end to one week and an exciting start to the following.

Also, there are three pictures of the set above that I really, really like. I won’t tell you which though, make your own decisions. So often we are told what to do. Here’s to freedom. Cheers to choice.

DSC_9164 (2)

Snow White got two adventurers desperate in the search for cellular connection. The funny thing is that the one bar that Rich had, fell off when he sought higher ground.



In so many ways the sea is my best friend, my greatest encourager, the facilitator of my dreams. The sea takes life and the sea gives life. The sea gave me back my dad after 16 days of being adrift and so often the sea gives me the clarity of mind to get me through tough times. I can swim, surf, sail and float in the sea. On its shores I study and talk and lay back to gaze at coconut trees. I suppose if you can understand this you can understand why I’m here just about every weekend.

A group of us who went to high school together and their boyfriends made use of the holiday on Wednesday and headed to the North coast for an enjoyable time of togetherness.

DSC_9359 (2)DSC_9353 (3)DSC_9383 (2)


Las Cuevas Beach pictured below, long, beautiful, surfable.

DSC_9218 (2)



Like all good things, the day came to an end and so shall this blog post now. Remember to show the people in your life that you love them, don’t leave them guessing. Overcome your fears and have your actions reflect your beliefs.


DSC_9438 (2)

Stay salty, Stay committed,  Stay in!
Rushell Rousseau

PS. MY MACBOOK HARDDRIVE HAS BEEN REPLACED!!!! I got back my Lightroom and I’m stoked for editing again. Almost six months, thank you mom for the loan of your laptop.


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