Pixels: Season for Caterpillars, Blooming Flowers and ‘FREEDOM’ at UWI, St. Augustine

Today as I stood by the Mexican food truck buyin’ my burrito ❤ _ ❤ I noticed a really beautiful tree not too far over yonder. I had my camera with me today so I left my burrito behind (shocking, yes) and payed the tree a visit. The bright blue was a beautiful backdrop for the flowers.


It is so beautiful!


As I stood admiring the flowers I noticed something.



 Then I noticed that the entire tree was laden with caterpillars of varying sizes. I was pleased with my find so I went back for my burrito and sat under the tree to have my ‘linner’ (lunch/dinner served at teatime…).

This tree is my second favourite tree on campus, it is a real majestic beauty. I’m going to hang a hammock on there one day.


‘F R E E D O M’

The third year Communications Studies students had their final year research project showcase today. They covered many topics from Autism to Sweat and Acceptance of Refugees to Agriculture for Children.


As a Coms Stud major I got a sense for the size of the event and to an extent the level of the work that is expected from the students. It was an enjoyable and informative evening. In addition I got to play mini-golf (first time I think!), a free cupcake, to do squats on a Buso ball and was taught how to dead lift a barbell. I sooo have a future in weight lifting 😉 


That’s actually not me, that is a friend doing the ‘Wheel of Terror’. She had a grand time. For our participation in the Sweat section we were rewarded with water and juice.

Lastly, I thought the way that the  blue light from the Autism Awareness tent was flooding onto the ground in a beautiful way.


Until the next time my friends.

Stay salty, stay beaching, stay in,
Rushell Rousseau



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