Pixels: Rock Climbing in Trinidad, Yoga, Flower Show and Avoiding Finals

So I have finals coming up…

But I feel foggy and I haven’t been able to really study the way my study time table (that I created) states.

Instead I spent the weekend distracting myself, hoping that at the end of it I would be in a better place.

So I washed my hair


Then I spent some time with Patrick The Pelican. He wants to go for a fly soon.


At last I made some plans and headed to my grandmother’s flower show.


Soon enough it was time to go rock climbing for my first time ever!
I’ve wanted to do this for years now but I never got the chance to, it is quite unpopular in Trinidad and there is only one gym with a wall. Of course this gym is a hour plus away from my home.


The group consisted of two of my sailing friends and one from school who I picked up en route to the gym and then got lost with for an entire hour in the town of Chaguanas.

We were totally stoked. Two of us have never rock climbed before and we could not believe how incredibly difficult it was. Climbing wasn’t only physically taxing but mentally as well. What a challenge! I’m so excited to return.

I think this happy climber is too!

It was an entirely unplanned day that got pulled together through a Facebook status I made after sailing plans fell through.


We were absolutely pleased.
*Apparently, if you are a Texas A&M Aggie that means something other than/more meaningful than a thumbs up but for the rest of us, it was cheesy smiles and thumbs up!
(Now it is: sore muscles and anticipation for the next climb)

Of course the adventure doesn’t stop there! Us three girls go to a donation based yoga class at a studio in the north west of the country (where I live). Grahame decided to join us but then decided against so I dropped him off where he could get transport back to school to study.

By the time I reached back to Port of Spain I was already to late for the class so I went home and did a few yoga stretches on my own.


To be fair, I spent most of the time either here or in child’s pose with the occasional plank flow. I could not be bothered to trek upstairs for the mat because it would have meant that I first had to lock the downstairs doors. So I went matless…

The rest of the day just drifted away and was spent doing everything besides studying. Today was no better. Once I finish this I’m going to start studying some film though!

At 10pm I decided that I needed some sugar and went to the pharmacy in search of junk which was thoroughly enjoyed as I sat in the parking lot, then the remainder once I returned home.

So I avoided studying all weekend long in order to lift my spirit and possibly clear up that foggy feeling. All things helped only temporarily unfortunately but we’ll see how this week goes. I’m participating in a new exercise regime over the next 16 weeks and adjusting my diet as well. I should be eating Paleo but that isn’t always possible. I’d admit that I’ve been eating absolute junk sometimes (not too often though) while at uni during the week. Oops.


If anyone would from the ‘West’ or UWI would like to head down to Chaguanas for climbing I’m willing to take you for a contribution towards fuel.

That’s it!
I hope you’re well. I wish you kindness and empathy as you enter this new week. I wish that you find the motivation you need to change your situation and improve yourself. I wish you make time to be with and to listen to those around you, especially those who are dear to you. I wish you quiet time where you can relax and reflect.

Lots of love.

Stay beachin’, stay salty, stay in!



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