I Missed A Final – Integrity > GPA


I mixed up Tuesday and Wednesday, the 3rd May and the 4th May. 
I was dutifully doing my part in the family business as the rest of my class sat in our History of Narrative Film final examination, completely clueless. 9am came and went. I was looking forward to another ‘A’; four out of five, I had already calculated it. Just like last semester I was going to have a pretty rad (impressive) GPA.

I may not be the most bright bulb in the room but I’m pretty darned bright (it has taken a while for me to accept this) and three of my exams so far were 100 times better than I thought they would be. Do you know that feeling when you sit in an exam, flip over the paper and you’ve thoroughly studied every last question on there or when exactly what you’ve studied thoroughly comes, better yet, you even remember them being discussed in the lecture theatre? That warm smile, the tingling. Yeah, that, 3 of my first 4 exams gave me that feeling.

I screwed up Social Psych, sort of waiting to see if I passed now. That was okay though, while I sat starring blankly at what I hadn’t answered on the paper, I worked out what my GPA would be if I failed this course. I could fail this and still end up with a 3.3 for the semester. It would bring down my GPA but say what, 3.3 isn’t half bad.

Then came 8pm on Tuesday night and I message a friend to thank her for some course related material that she sent me, only she calls me instantly to let me know that the exam was this morning and they were trying to figure out where I was.

A string of inaudible profanities followed by inevitable rivers of tears. (2016 you’ve sucked on all accounts btw #worstyearyet)

It took a few short seconds for me to realise how much I hated myself. Then it sunk right in. I just threw away an almost completely certain A/A+. There was no way I’d be allowed to sit the exam now, I was going to be contributing a possible fail from Social Psych and now a certain fail from Film to my GPA.

Only, there was!
I could get a doctor’s letter saying that I was ill. I’ll be allowed to sit the exam, I would get my ‘A’ back! It was immediately suggested by family and friends. It was an honest mistake, I didn’t skip the exam to have one more day to study or something like that. I just confused the dates and ended up missing it. That’s genuine right?

No, I didn’t consider it.

If you’ve spent a day or more with me and we’ve gotten anywhere near to discussing politics you know that I abhor corruption, folk who act without integrity are the bane of my existence. If I found that everyone else should act justly, I should too.

Even when I worked towards it all semester long. When I planned my coursework essay for months in my head, wrote it the day it was due, perfectly executed the plan and got an ‘A’, when I studied on the way to school in traffic for our weekly quizzes. All to naught now.

I’d much rather set the example for myself, my brother, cousins and maybe/maybe not children one day, of integrity. Even when you didn’t do anything ‘bad’ but your actions deserve punishment or the like. It sucks but at the end of the day knowing that I measured myself using the same stick that I use for others when I had the opportunity to use another more profitable stick, teaches me a bit about the person that I am and who I am becoming- to be honest I’ve been questioning it lately. So my children will know of the time that I failed a course because I screwed up the dates, they’ll have that example. They’ll know that they are expected to follow the path that their choices dictated, not the easy way out. Be it with an exam, a relationship, a sale or the law.

Dad thinks everything happens for a reason; I think everything happens.

I asked about it at the department office, I’ll have to do the course over, I’ll get my course work transferred most likely. Conveniently, I won’t be getting 0.0, my coursework will still go forward so I’ll get 1.7, under 2.0 is a fail ( ohhhhh, so great right! -_- ) which is a lot better than nothing.

Did I say that this film exam was also my last exam, I had big plans for the Wednesday afternoon following my exam but well, my exams ended the day before.

And there lies the tale of the most unceremonious start to summer ever.

It has been picking up though.
I’m letting it go slowly, kind of.




After three weeks of studying and no saltlife, I went down the islands on Saturday. It was a blast.

photo 1

Lovvveeeee this picture so much! I look so happy and pretty 😀 hhaaha


Spending time with great company.
People come in and out of your life, let your time with them count.


My ass was grass.

Stay in, stay salty, stay beachin’, stay honest,

PS. If you follow this blog, you’d know that I write primarily for myself (like a journal), and then I write to share my experiences because it is great to know that others have lived through what you’ve been through and they made it out the other side. When we share, we learn and we develop each other. After a few weeks of wondering if I was all talk but no action because of something someone said to me, I was pleasantly surprised to see that my instant reaction to a situation like this was in accordance with what I believe.

Not boasting, bless!







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