Pixels: The Best Moments Cannot Be Captured

You got the shot of the winning goal but did you see the player’s son’s look of euphoria? Did you see the best mates empty beers on each other as they beamed as bright as the sun?
Today I got a wonderful shot of our trucks going through a rainforest trail to a north coast beach as I stood in the tray and more mosquitoes than I’ve ever seen feasted on me. It was a wonderful moment.

I got a shot of it.


The best part of the day afternoon was lying down in the tray of the truck as we drove to the river to wash the thickly caked-on mud off of the trucks. Twilight was upon us and a brilliant full moon above us. Simple as that but alone on the back of my truck all I experienced was bliss. No camera, no shot, no one looking at me. Just me existing in this relatively big/relatively small world.

That’s all.
The moments captured are great but there are a million more amazing ones that we won’t ever remember until at some point later on we get a tinge of the familiar feeling we once had.

Tonight I’m a happy camper.

Stay in, stay wild, stay spontaneous, stay beaching,


2 thoughts on “Pixels: The Best Moments Cannot Be Captured

  1. Great post! I love when the shot we do get can easily bring back a flood of memories of the shots we didn’t get. Being present, in the moment though, that’s the essence of our existence. Thanks for sharing!


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