Pixels: Walk to the Former US Military Tracking Station Base in Chaguaramas- Remnants of World War 2

There are some places that I want to see but I have no motivation to go on the journey to get there. The tracking station has been one of those places.

All I ever hear is: “beautiful view”, “bamboo cathedral”, “STEEP”.

That last one nullified the former descriptors. I’m not a lazy person but as much as I enjoy a good view- very much actually! I am a lot more enthusiastic to go on such adventures if there is the promise of water at the end.

Is the a river at the end of the trail? A waterfall? A spring? Some rocks we can climb down to get to the sea or to cliff jump off of? Sweeeet! I’m there.

If there isn’t, well, I’m more reluctant but often still willing.

My willingness to walk to the tracking station came around three Sundays ago when mom ‘invited’ me to come along on her walk with dad.

It was enjoyable, I’d like to think that sometime in the future I’d be able to run up to the halfway point on the mountain.

Here are some pictures:


The Bamboo Cathedral



Epic view looking East at the North Coast



Mom suggested this shot



The dish at the Tracking Station


The tracking station is one part of the military base that was all of the Chaguaramas peninsula and leased to the Americans during the Second World War.



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