Thoughts: Life is Everything At Once


Life is a flower blooming and a leaf decaying. It is a rainy day and a starry night. It is a hurricane and a drought. It is enlightenment and death. Life is simultaneously beautiful and terrible which makes it livable and worth living.

There is a timer counting down your days and hours but also a photo album bursting at its seems with annotated polaroids fading and slipping out. Each day that passes is gone yet still gained.

Sunset from London Bridge

While it may seem that the beds are burning, find joy in the rain that is falling. You can be happy and sad at the same time. Life is like the moment during a hard day when you notice the beauty of the clouds. It is a brilliant afternoon of fishing when you miss your deceased father. It is the hurt of losing a close friend but the excitement of meeting lovely new ones.

Life is everything at once.

So don’t hide from the sun under your worries, keep an eye out for the moments that will make you smile. Make moments to smile in, enjoy your own company and seek others to laugh with and hug.

Sunday was a grand reminder of turmoil and peace at once. That sometimes insomnia means you get to see hundreds of shooting stars. When you stand back to think about it, it is a beautiful thing.


Life is immersing yourself entirely in a string of moments without thinking of the future. Then in the time that follows, realising that you lived so purely in those moments that there are few detailed memories to recall. Realising that you didn’t slow down or bring your consciousness to take many mental pictures but instead lived thoroughly for those fleeting moments.


Life is chance and coincidence. It is serendipity and bad timing. It is living and embracing momentarily intertwining paths while wishing for friendship sustained.


A whirlwind of turmoil yet perfectly at peace.
 Perhaps, life is love; bliss and sacrifice sold as one.

Stay salty, stay adventurous, stay in,
Rusharella  : )

PS: I am no longer as interested in figuring out the meaning of life as I was before. My main interest currently is recording my thoughts on this strange journey that is existence. Cheers! Enjoy the blog 🙂


3 thoughts on “Thoughts: Life is Everything At Once

  1. Cheers! Chairs and what are those recliners on the beach called? Cheers anyway and anyhow…….I’ll drink to that. Nice post (Pssst: I purposely used “NICE”…..wasn’t in the mood to define).
    Live your LIFE!
    Can’t do it when you’re dead.
    Forget those voices in your head……….
    Usually just echos of all the naysayers you’ve encountered in your life.


    1. And ammm,,,,don’t pay the Ferryman….until he gets you to the other side……just enjoy the ride….who knows what’s on the other side anyway.
      We’re not sure what’s on the other side of today,
      of the road we’re on,
      of this very moment!
      So YES! Enjoy NOW!
      With all the problems….the pain….the drawbacks!
      Still find a way…….to enjoy this moment and…..
      Live Your Life.

      Liked by 1 person

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