It’s Always Darkest Before The Dawn

You’ve been reading my blog for three years now. You’ve been watching my ‘Pixels’ posts and you’ve been wanting to see more of my adventures, you want to join me on these random wild, trips. You’ve read the ‘Thoughts’ posts and agreed, disagreed, were perplexed, or perhaps surprised that I only then figured out some things. I’ve enjoyed having you around. Especially those of you who have (I stopped writing and I can’t remember what I was going to say here… oops).

I can say it, this blog, over the last few months, has not been the bright, encouraging, adventurous ray of sunlight that it had become over the last three years. Soon that will change, soon you will see a return to adventure and overcoming challenges. Soon there will be more stories and pictures. Soon there will be a new page added to the blog. Soon folks will come here for the stories similar to my sailing adventure last August.

For now though, until then, just bear with me. The dawn is coming and you’ll enjoy what you read here more often. They last six months have been a dark cloud with a spotted silver lining. Fortunately that silver is spreading inwards.

Change is coming.

The dawn of a new day.

For what it is worth, this summer break taught me a lot about people, friendships and integrity. I got hurt more times than I would have ever liked to think possible but I’d like to think that I am now stronger and better equipped to face different situations in my life.

Change is inevitable. Change is good.
Change of scenery is awesome!


Brighter day ah reach soon time come!
Stay in, stay adventuring, stay committed,


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