A French Adventure- Exchange Student at Concordia University Montreal: One Week Until Year Two | THE STUDENT TRAVELS

NOTICE: This is for family and friends, and for all of the future exchange students out of The UWI and for those who intend to study at Concordia, as well as anyone else who wishes to read. It is also here to act as a public record or journal of my experiences. There will be pictures of the flora, hopefully some fauna, studying, architecture, friends, partying, adventures and SNOW! Also, remember that whatever I post here is a subsection of my life. It is not a representation of what I do for every minute of every day that I am on exchange. If I put up more pictures of me out in the snow, or eating, or exercising, than pictures of me studying it is possibly because I either 1) don’t think that pictures of studying are that great or 2) am actually studying when I say I am studying so I am not taking pictures. Jah feel?DSC_4210

                                    * * * * *

Today is August 6th (this post was back-written), classes start September 6th, that means *drumroll* I’ve got one more month until I start my year-long study abroad in Montreal.
I now have just one week!

I am excited, apprehensive and barely past the ‘Greetings’ section in my French studies. So much work has been done thus far and there is so much work to do still- two semesters worth of work! Plus figuring out my way around (or through) Quebecois and French.

In one month’s time (week’s time) I’ll be sitting down in my first class at Concordia. Here I’d like to put in the plug that I get an extra week of vacation since classes at The UWI (University of the West Indies) starts a week before mine at Concordia do. Yippee!!!

On the list of things that I still have to do, is register for my equivalent courses at The UWI. How the exchange is done requires me to be enrolled in both universities at once. Since all of my courses are equivalents of courses at my home university, all that is transferred are my grades. I have since registered for all of my courses and may drop one unnecessary one.

This is one downfall of the exchange program, I can only do courses at my host university which are equivalents of those at my home university. I would have taken full advantage to do courses, for my electives, which are not offered at my home university, thereby widening my scope of knowledge and awareness but such is life. I highly doubt that this will change in the future.

I have just pulled out the suitcase of my choice, it is a medium size suitcase and I’ve emptied it out of car rental receipts and flyers from previous trips and smothered it in Lysol. It stands in stark contrast to my rugged 45L backpack that I travelled with to sail at Cowes Week in the UK, last summer. I’m in Montreal now and two days of lugging that suitcase around is defining my abs -_- 


Unfit for carrying on my back for long distances yet brilliant for storing larger amounts clothes, shoes and everything else needed for a temporary migration, is my suitcase. Let’s name him Bruce. Cheers! Bruce will be packed with long sleeve tees, pants and warm socks and scarves. Apparently it is colder than one would think. #GoPrepared 

In an attempt to learn as much as I can about the lives of exchange students at Concordia or Montreal, in general, I’ve been searching the web endlessly and mostly unsuccessfully for student blogs. While I won’t say that I am nervous, I will say that as much as possible, I want to have a fairly good idea of the place that I am going to call home for the next eight months. 

Unfortunately, I believe that Montreal photographers only work during their short summer. Don’t believe me? Google Montreal and tell me if 90% of the pictures that you see are not during summertime? Yet,! Summer is short and winter is long, harsh and white. So, over the next eight months, I intend to share my experiences as an exchange student in Montreal, studying at Concordia University. 

Enjoy the blog! I intend to share information on the process of applying to participate on an exchange as a UWI, SA student, outlying from the groundwork going forward as well as the process of obtaining a CAQ and Study Permit as I have. Also, a Youtube channel may accompany this blog one day soon 😮 





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