Photoblog: Fall Colours in Montreal | TheStudentTravels

Hi folks!

I promise that blogs of more substance are underway.

In the meanwhile here are two nuggets: 1- This is a post with lots of photos. 2- Keep up to date with my Instagram account: @rusharella

This series of photographs was taken at Angrignon Park, which is a large park at the end of the green metro line servicing downtown Montreal. One day after class I took the metro in search of adventure and arrived here.

At the time it was still somewhere around September and the place was unbelievably beautiful. All of the leaves were along the spectrum of colours from red to green to orange. It was brilliant but I did not have my camera and my phone was dead, so there were no pictures but mental ones.

I returned a few weeks later with my camera and yoga mat but it was way too cold for yoga without good gloves (I now have great mittens from MEC). So I took photos, enjoyed the scenery and played in the dried leaves. These are the pictures below.

Have a gander:



(my favourite)

















Stay warm, stay dreaming, stay exploring,


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