THOUGHTS: Life is Everything At Once-Part TWO

Hello friend,
Thanks for taking time in your day to read my blog. There are all sorts of ‘exciting’ things to read on the internet and I greatly appreciate that you’re chose to read something that I wrote. Cheers, because I rarely edit these posts, nor plan them. I type thoughts onto a screen, add pictures that I love, then publish. Somehow, for the better part, these thoughts make sense. Enough sense for you to read and sometimes comment; all without leaving harsh responses. What a feat!
Now to the meat of the matter:
1. If you haven’t read part one of this post, it isn’t absolutely necessary but it is a continuation of those thoughts. That post was written after meeting someone for an afternoon and connecting with them amazingly. (I think some people call this ‘falling in love‘. It sounds really scary but it is actually a wonderful feeling, even though you’re, well, falling!) The second best part of it was that I knew it was impossible for that to grow into anything, it was what it was and what it was, was perfect just as it was,  just for that afternoon.


(Resultantly)That post was very much poetry:

“Life is a flower blooming and a leaf decaying. It is a rainy day and a starry night. It is a hurricane and a drought. It is enlightenment and death. Life is simultaneously beautiful and terrible which makes it livable and worth living.

There is a timer counting down your days and hours but also a photo album bursting at its seems with annotated polaroids fading and slipping out. Each day that passes is gone yet still gained.”

2. This post isn’t as driven by what the last one was, this one is an observation and application.

Have you ever read the Alchemist? If you haven’t, I shall not spoil it for it is a book that you ought to read. And then read again. Then again. Then pass it along to a friend with all of those annotations in it.

If you have, do you remember the spoon and the drapes? I think that is exactly what life being everything at once can be described as.

Throughout the day I often draw upon this wisdom. I must walk through the castle and see the wonderfully designed tapestry but I must simultaneously hold my spoon of precious oil without letting it all spill.

Life is a wonderful balance of exploring a strange, new city and intriguing relationships whilst completing course readings and practicals. They exist of opposing ends of the ‘Use of Rushell’s Time’ spectrum and are equally important. But, when I spend too much time fostering relationships, my schoolwork, sleep needs and eating habits will suffer. All of the oil will drip off of the spoon. Yet, if I spend all of my time writing essays, doing readings and scheduling study time I will miss being able to participate in the joy of seeing those brilliant tapestries.

In microeconomics we call this the ‘opportunity cost’; how much of this will I lose if I spend a little more time doing that. (We because I’m taking a microecon course and I feel enlightened-and equally lost!)

Every moment that we are doing one thing, we can be doing something else. I’ve been paying close attention to this lately and in the moments that I am concentrating too intensely on holding all of the oil in the spoon, it brings me great joy to acknowledge that in an instant I can scan the hallway with my eyes and let them rest upon art.

I started out university obsessed with my GPA, I was really proud of it. Then I screwed up the date and missed a final. I was as heartbroken as I had ever been but my GPA still came out victorious. A semester of hard work thrown to the wolves. It was then that I realised that I did not need to obsess over a grade, or spend a ridiculous amount of time doing school work for it can become meaningless very quickly. Instead, I spend a suitable amount of time doing schoolwork and then I fill other ‘GPA’s in my life. Like my ‘Art Therapy Time GPA’, my, ‘Sailing GPA’, my, ‘Family Time GPA’, my, ‘Social GPA’, because believe it or not, these GPAs are more useful than any GPA a university or school can give you.

Life is everything at once, do not neglect one part of it for another.

Take it all in but take it in stride, and know that if you run face first into a pool of paint you’d have to spend many hours peeling that paint off.

I feel as if this is a continuing thought, there may be an expansion, who knows.

Stay adventuous, look at the tapestries, finish with some of the oil you started with,
Share love,


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