Thoughts: Expiration Dates

There is a suggestion to make ‘sell-by’ dates invisible to consumers on food products in the USA. Forty percent of food produced there is thrown out because of ‘sell by’ and ‘best by’ dates. I wonder how that would impact life. When you know the supposed shelf life of an item you interact differently with it.


There is always one,
a ticket, a departure date,

an approaching hurricane,
an exam.

I used to think that it was me.
That I sought this end date.
That it was on my list of criteria,
I used to think that I was afraid of longevity.

I accepted it as part of my persona,
I grow weary of people after a short time.
This was the universe’s way of dealing with that. 

But then I realised that there truly was always one.
No action of mine sought this out,
I didn’t look for expiry dates looming in the nearby future.
That was just the way that it has been,
The way that it has been with every single one.  

Perhaps the universe didn’t read me right,
I get weary but I only need a break,
not an ending.
A later,

A packed car.
There’s always one,

a boat, a plane, a train.
A ticket away from our common space.

It’s now or never,
we won’t see each other again.

There is always one.

I wonder what it would be like if we didn’t know the expiry dates.

There is or maybe there isn’t, a greater plan of some sort working around and through us. Our questions bring no answers. We may observe and learn. We may be right. We may be wrong. Maybe expiry dates save us from ourselves, maybe knowing them save us from pain and illness. Maybe there is someone holding lots of strings with sore cheeks from laughing.
Disclaimer:*This was not about food, in case you were wondering.

“Gross! Posts about relationships. Yuck! I need a ticket away from this blog post. “
Haha! Too bad. 
Life is life.
Stay exploring, stay adventurous, keep traveling, keep saying goodbye.


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