THOUGHTS: The Rest Is Still Unwritten

Sometime ago your book began.


At first everything was blurry. Then you started recognizing faces and eventually you placed those faces in relation to their significance and frequency in your life. You began to understand numbers, made sense of the alphabet and you dreamed.

You drew in pencils, in crayons, in paint. You formed shapes and figures that made perfect sense to you. You questioned whatever you were taught, you chased butterflies and insects.


You had a bedtime or maybe you didn’t. You went to school or maybe you didn’t. You made friends or maybe you didn’t. Maybe you made friends but not the type of friends that you wanted.

You travelled, you ate, you cried, you loved.


At each step of the way, you held concerns and dreams and wishes for the future. You anticipated, you were anxious, you lived. That right there is the most important bit. You came through it and once you hold on to life, you always will.


The future is unravelling around you constantly. Don’t hold on so tightly, don’t worry so much. Try to let go because tomorrow is going to come and each day you may get a little better or you may get a little worse.


If you get a little worse, cry, but embrace this. These times are going to to give you a new perspective, they will make you better able to cope in the future. These times make you get better in the future.

Your story is unwritten, go boldly in the direction of your dreams.


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