On Letting Go

Sometimes you have to let things go. There are so many desires that wish to be free but we try to act as anchors for these wild, roving ships.


Let them go, drop the chains, let them be free to sail and bang around in the surf.

In the early hours of the new year I lay in my bed at a log cabin in Quebec’s countryside. The last few hours, the first of the new year, were spent with a group of people whose interactions with mine are so special.

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Yet, I lay in my bed frustrated. There were so many things weighing on my being. From questions about love and romance, to family, the great losses of 2016 that I suffered but mostly, my apartment situation.

At that moment I was paying rent on two apartments for the month of January. One apartment that I was moving into (fondly referred to as ‘the loft’) and another apartment that I lived in, in the city. I’ve been trying to get that apartment room rented since the week that I moved into it. It was small, costly and my housemates weren’t great fans of cleanliness. The place frustrated me. I wanted so badly to move into the loft. I also hated having to pay two rents.

My frustration led to tears; as it often does. It also led to clarity; as it often does. I lay in that bed and slowly accepted that I would be paying for two apartments for January and that if I didn’t get my place rented within the month, I would have to give up my spot in the loft. It sank in. I was sad. Then I accepted it. I was okay.

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I let it go.

I just got my second apartment rented. I’m at peace.

There is a lesson here for you if you wish to see it and take it.

Stay in, stay exploring, stay beaching,


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