Announcement: Micro Post Series | Inspiring Thought


I hope you’re getting though the week all right. If you want a quick laugh, on Tuesday morning (first day of classes for my week) which is basically my Monday morning, I stepped out of my front door and went sliding across the sidewalk flat on my back. All of Montreal went ice skating (and falling) for free. We had an incredibly icy day.

Anyway! Here what this post is about:

I’m doing a mini series of micro posts over the next week!

Usually, each of my posts are about 600 words but more often approaching 1000+.

However, I’m posting some nuggets of thoughts, poetry, inspiration and photoblogs using less than 300 words in each.


Look out for posts on embracing life, a question on productivity and the notes that I find around my loft.

Get ready to hear less from me but more often.

Then it will be back to regular programming and I will continue to write thesies for blog posts.



Happy Thursday!



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