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I have to stop valuing my days by their productivity levels. Sure, I feel great when I complete an entire to do list on the day that it was written for but what about the other days? The days when it is physically or mentally impossible for me to get every last thing on that list done.

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Are they immediately ‘bad days‘? If not, then why can’t I ever feel good or unstressed if those lists aren’t completed?
It is easy to blame the lists or the importance that I place on these lists. However, this response doesn’t address the problem. Lists get my ideal days together, 24 hour block planners are like manna for me.

What sucks is my relationship with how I value time. I’m not exactly sure how to go about changing this relationship but I’m going to start experimenting.

Often I don’t do things on my lists not because I was scrolling through Instagram (sometimes though) but because I either didn’t allocate enough time for a single activity and then my entire day is in disarray. At other times, I simply chose, in that moment, to use my time for socializing.

I know that it is extremely beneficial for my mental and physical health to engage with other people. This time isn’t wasted. I can’t schedule a friend’s bad day or family emergency, nor an impromptu lime- they happen and I respond. At the expense of my list.

Anyways, that’s what’s up. It’s time to improve the quality of those last few thoughts before I drift off to sleep. Changing my relationship with productivity’s influence is a good start, I think.

Stay in, Do more, Do less,
Live regardless.
Rusharella ✨


3 thoughts on “THOUGHTS: Measuring the Value of My Days With Productivity | MicroPost

  1. The problem isn’t you. ……the problem is actually one of modern living. There are more and more things that must be done. …yet they are not really stuff that supports our overall survival. However they are still able to generate considerable amounts of stress in our daily lives. I’m by no means saying that if you are living in an Adjoupa on a beach in Bali that you won’t have a daily list of things to do……but the list would be more in tune with your actual survival and would be alot more forgiving when you are unable to achieve all or just skip one to put some personal or social actitivy first or just felt lazy and needed to take some downtime for yourself.

    Anyway, at the end of the day; “To Do List” are and should be just a reminder and a way of helping you to prioritize stuff that needs to be done. ….yes, and help you in scheduling your activities and improving your time management (huh) but it shouldn’t be ruler over you that leaves you upset or depressed when the outstanding items adds up. That is actually the sign of the shortcomings of modern life. So try to work towards a lifestyles that is less dependant on achieving and satisfying the “To Do List” and more depending on you having a fulfilling and satisfying day…….that Bali plan or any similar lifestyle sounds better by the moment.

    P.S. I’ve found “To Do List” very helpful on my way to success…….However I must admit that I have had items at number five in priority hoover between number five and number eleven for weeks before ever being done. New challenges pop up every day……life is fluid. ……’s “To Do’s” would always be Fluid.
    Make the best of Today…..Regardless of the list.

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    1. Thank you dad!
      The Bali plan is the Bali plan for just that reason. I feel like it isn’t sustainable to survive in a culture that is driven by consumerism and all of the results of that.
      Thanks for your feedback.


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